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It is always exciting the first day after unveiling the website, wiki, Facebook group etc. for a new edition of ScienceOnline!

Why I spoofed science journalism, and how to fix it

CC#3: Decay and Fossilization

Age Of Innocence: How Discovering Planets Is Like Losing Your Virginity

The Boneyard 2.2

Crowdsourcing methodology: Who’s publishing gold at your institution?

A Scientometric Prediction of the Discovery of the First Potentially Habitable Planet with a Mass Similar to Earth

You’re Happy, I’m Happy: Biology Plays a Role in Our Aversion to Inequity

Assassin Bugs Use Their Victims as Shields

New PLoS Biology Education Series

Toward Greener Electronics

Variation in Courtship Ultrasounds of Three Ostrinia Moths with Different Sex Pheromones

How Bats Get Around the Crowded Skies – “Hey, I’m flyin’ here!”

Into Oblivion: Science Online 2011 is coming!

Power Hackers: The U.S. Smart Grid Is Shaping Up to Be Dangerously Insecure

Psychology beyond the Brain

Current Demographics Suggest Future Energy Supplies Will Be Inadequate to Slow Human Population Growth

An Open Letter To Dr. Kern and An Open Letter… and Scott Kern’s Message and More Thoughts on St. Kern

Seabirds as indicators of marine ecosystem health: an introduction

ChemSpider – An ‘Online Science’ Success Story – An Interview With Tony Williams

Biodiversity on Broadway – Enigmatic Diversity of the Societies of Ants (Formicidae) on the Streets of New York City

March of the Fossilized Penguins

Researcher finds top reasons for Facebook unfriending

Saba Bank now a Marine Protected Area

First Supper Club Went Awesome

In Living Color: Bacterial Pigments as an Untapped Resource in the Classroom and Beyond

Scienceblogging: SciBlogs NZ – a Q&A with Peter Griffin

Win a travel award for best evolution-themed blog – ScienceOnline2011.

2010 Nobel Prize in Physics Announced and Graphene Researchers Geim and Novoselov Win Nobel Prize in Physics [Updated] and Move Over Nanotube, Here Comes Graphene and Congratulations to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov and Carbon Wonderland and Swinging cats and levitating frogs and Nobel Prize Mired in Further Controversy and Bookmark: Andre Geim, a Nobel Prize winner for physics 2010, and more and D.I.Y. Graphene: How to Make One-Atom-Thick Carbon Layers With Sticky Tape and Graphene Electronics Inches Closer to Mass Production and Carbon Wonderland, By Andre K. Geim and Graphene: Physics or Chemistry? and Andre Geim – Nobelist and Ig Nobelist and Nobel Prize in Physics Won with A Piece of Sticky Tape and Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 and Lots of ink with physics Nobel as UK goes two for two, or three for three if you count heads. Thank graphene. Plus, an igNobel angle.

Tagging strategies

What is ADHD? Paradigm Shifts in Psychopathology

The reality of a universal language faculty?

Dinosaurs grew fast, had teen pregnancies and died young

Cross-breeding restores sight to blind cavefish

Hogwarts Finally Hooks Up the Internet

How To Sell An Idea

Mantis Shrimp Bio-Armor

The Masturbation Gap

The MolBio Carnival, third edition

Do sea anenomes get jet lag?

Science And Poetry

New Twitter Design Based on the Golden Ratio [IMAGE]

Why the copyright wars matter: a reply to Helienne Lindvall

Penguins Immediately Benefit From MPA

The Australian. Think. Again.

The Age of Big Access

New Blog: Journeys

Census of the Science Blogosphere – Update

Summary Feed: What I would be doing if I wasn’t doing science

Indiana Jones and the Sasquatch of Doom

What moving science writing “upstream” could mean for embargoes

How Wind Turbines Affect Your (Very) Local Weather

Roadside reptile rampage!

What will ScienceOnline2011 be?

Sparking children’s interest in science

The Machine That Teaches Itself… Kinda

PechaKucha at #ideaSPARK – all videos

Anchoring Communities and Trust Markets — Advantages Shift to the Users

10 ways to help with ScienceOnline2011

What ‘Superman’ got wrong, point by point

White House to get (more) solar panels

Bobtail squid and their microscopic friends

Population crash in Kenya: Rare bird gets much, much rarer–but why?

The strange media coverage of Obama’s education policies

Science Bloggers For Students!

Suicide, age and poison

Small lizards of South America

Days of future passed

So you’re missing 10 genes, no big deal!

Rayna at Scilogs.eu: Science Online 2011 is coming!


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