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Incredibly busy day, but here are the links:

Blogging out of Balance and Active ResearchBlogging blogs, by gender of authors and Women sciencebloggers, exposure, and my path to blogging.

Science 3.0 Science Blogs – alpha release

Wescott’s Weekly Wrap-Up – the Science Blog Networks

Publishing your science paper is only half the job

MythBusters hosts address unexpected patronage of science


Scientists Behaving Badly: The Complete Series

Failing to appreciate doors, and other mysteries of brain space

Get Out Those Checkbooks: Time to Save Science Education!

Dinosaur Drive-In: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

New Horned Dinosaurs From America’s Lost Continent and Horned Dinosaurs: When It Rains, It Pours

I don’t want to sound like a blogger, but…

How Doth the Hypercarnivorous Crocodile…

Ocean observatories: Marine science without the boat

Should you eat or drink your fruits and vegetables?

Are Pets the New Phone Chargers?

Are Frogs Injurious Species?

How to Take a Government-Approved Poop

Toward human phylogenetic intuitions

Does your brain know you’re drinking Diet?

Echo Chambers

Games, eBooks, and Innovation — The Game Is Not the Same

Imagining the Dream e-Tool for Education and Training

Liquid Journals or Lazy Journals — Can Technology Alone Make a Journal?

A dearth of frogs and how to catch a mole you’ld rather just kill

Monkeys More Calculating Around Money

New ‘Around the Web’ Features

So A Blogger Walks Into A Bar…

Goodbye, cruel words: English. It’s dead to me.

Monday Series: The Criminalized Body II

How Change of Seasons Affects Animals and Humans

Public service announcement: Throw Your Drugs Away Safely Day

Light Entrained Rhythmic Gene Expression in the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis: The Evolution of the Animal Circadian Clock

Factors Affecting the Abundance of Leaf-Litter Arthropods in Unburned and Thrice-Burned Seasonally-Dry Amazonian Forests

Scientific American Presents Scientist-Makers in Action, Center Stage, Saturday 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

If you blog about plants, send me your post

Marketplace’s Misleading Report On Fashion Copyright

Abogo Transportation Cost: transportation costs made transparent

Will the Internet of Things Be Open or Closed?

World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Animation Filmed

Life Path Integral

House of Herps #10: The Frog Prince

Children with Dogs Exercise More

Bacteria that tear themselves apart

The Lady in the Room

Scientists are Paranoid (Continued)

What Are We Measuring In School?

Twitter hack: The spread of an artificial life form

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Annual predictions for the Nobel Prizes released

How the Printing Press Ensures Eternal Enlightenment (Or So They Thought in the 18th Century)

A Happy Global Warming Side Effect: Less Bubonic Plague

The illusions of intuition

I’m on a Podcast. HYAH! and Science Blogger Blogcast Showdown and
New Podcast: Science blogger showdown # 2

Biodiversity, Climate, Poverty: A Solution for One is No Solution

Tripping Cyborgs and Organ Farms: The Fictions of Cordwainer Smith

iPad vs Kindle

Organic Farms Not Always Best for Butterflies


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