Scientific American – the new look!

Late last night, while you were probably asleep, the Scientific American crew unveiled a re-design of the website – check out the shiny, new look at Scientific American homepage.

The re-design also includes the landing page for all seven of the current blogs – just go here.

As far as I know, each blog has its own RSS feed but there is still no Combined feed, so, in order to aggregate the SciAm blogs on we made a combined feed using FriendFeed – see it here.

Read more about the changes, by Mariette DiChristina and Philip Yam.

The fact that the site redesign is done also means that we can start thinking about, developing and building the new blogging network. This will take some time, but I am chomping at the bit!


2 responses to “Scientific American – the new look!

  1. …and champing, no doubt!

  2. I don’t know if you noticed, but in the front page, when you mouse over the menu items on the right (like the one that says blog) the pop-up menu show up under the advertisement so you can’t read it.