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Traveling tomorrow, but you can read these in the meantime:

How Do You Balance a Network? and Women sciencebloggers, exposure, and my path to blogging

Nature joins the digital age of science publishing and Nature Publishing Group Continues Application to Join Digital Age of Science Publishing

Someone Please Tell the Obamas: Solar Works Now!

Journalists follow their voices, vote with their feet

My Sister, the State Board of Education Candidate

Slackers and parasites can sometimes make the best partners

Why Does Spicy Food Taste Hot?

Squid visual ecology redux – Put on your PJs!

Peer review is not a piece of cake

Zotero soon is Everywhere

Pollination biology in the greenhouse

A cultural divide

Gender differences in sleep

The nine lives of grandmothers

Fossil Legends – The Mammoth as Unicorn

Your Name in Protein

In Science We Trust: Poll Results on How You Feel about Science

A visit with people affected by the largest industrial spill in American history

Are ethical principles optional?


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