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I’ll be in transit (airport or airplane) at the time this hits your feeds. I may not get online, but you can – enjoy these links:

The Copy-Cat Scientist

Mario Anatomy

Mummies and privacy

Monday ornithology

Casas Grandes Macaw Breeding

Parasite of the Day: Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita

Depth perception – or why pigeons bob their heads

Is Brain Training Real?

The Shadow Biosphere

Try the Soup


Pennies for Polar Bears (Again)

The technical trouble with humanoid robots

Nodalpoint is back, as a podcast

Probiotic use spreading, lots of money being made, known benefits still murky

A Great Cock-Up On Great Cockup

Can explosions move faster than the speed of light?

Good, popular history of science II

The Book That Nobody Read

Not the centre but the garbage can.

Market trade-offs

An Ocean Chill and 20th Century Climate

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Rare footage of physical treatments in psychiatry, 1957

Dreams of a consciousness measuring device

Reporting back on the ‘Science of Pulling’ – making science work for you

Flightlessness in azhdarchids, marsupial brains and pelagic desmostylians: SVPCA 2010 (part II)

Endemism in the Time of Chasmosaurs

The Cambridge Camel is Just Plain Wrong

World’s first dog genomics program

Want to raise literacy rates? Try subtitling music videos.

Facebook: 7 Highly Effective Habits

The Rise of the Mouse

Neuroscience Journal Club: Misconceptions about Androgens

Who was that mysterious stranger?

How to learn how to (not) spay a dog, Part 3: Surgery

Distinguishing deposits from andesitic eruptions

Decycling Graphs and Terrorists

Inception, Abridged!

Mayan Infrastructure

In Fuel-Efficient Auto Contest – Gasoline trumps Electricity

The US Stamp Design Selection Process

DIAGNOSIS. It works, bitches.

Ladybusiness anthropology: Physical activity and prevention of reproductive cancers

45 Year Old Female, Single, Never Married: Is Something Wrong?

Passive Agressive

If Antimatter Falls in a Black Hole, Does It Make a Sound?

Avoiding Baby Momma Drama – the hard way

Wordless Wednesday: Water Quality

Honduras and Micronesia Throw Down Global Challenge to Save Sharks

Nietzsche on the Public Intellectual


Down And Out In Academia


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