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Got back from Chicago late last night, exhausted but energized by the Block By Block conference (blog, Twitter). Midway airport has no wifi. Technically, one can buy wifi, which means there is no wifi. And because they use a competitor, there is no way to use iPhone and At&T either. They don’t charge for water, power and use of bathrooms and other travelers’ essentials, so why charge for the equally essential wifi? Ugh.

But anyway, I was reading Brian Switek’s book instead, had great flights there and back, and generally had a blast.

Below the fold – some links for you:

Should science journalists take sides?

Does All Scientific Work Deserve Public Attention?

How deep is the web of the scholarly literature?

An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen

Nature online digital edition, with 3 month trial

The New Fuelist – Energy News for the Next Generation.

Media’s Real Doomsday Scenario

Revised & amazing program now online for World Conference of Science Journalists in Cairo next June.

10 Americans: Industrial toxins found in umbilical cord blood

Is the Climate Right for Pleistocene Rewilding? Using Species Distribution Models to Extrapolate Climatic Suitability for Mammals across Continents

Quick Tip: if you want someone to share job ads, announcements, etc, send links to web sites not attachments

Is weight loss associated with increased risk of early mortality?

Size, Rarity and Charisma: Valuing African Wildlife Trophies

ZOMFG!!! There Are Women Science Bloggers!!!!11!1!!

Blog pick of the month is changing hands

America’s ever-expanding meal portions

A Second New Species of Ice Crawlers from China (Insecta: Grylloblattodea), with Thorax Evolution and the Prediction of Potential Distribution

Exclusive: Former correspondent and editor explains the drop in quality of BBC’s climate coverage – Shocker: For 2011, BBC has “explicitly parked climate change in the category ‘Done That Already, Nothing New to Say’.”

Friday Weird Science: There are HOW many types of Female Orgasm?

Maternal Condition Does Not Influence Birth Sex Ratios in Anubis Baboons (Papio anubis)

Reflections on the WEIRD Evolution of Human Psychology

What Killed Europe’s Hyenas?

Hawk Eyes I: Diurnal Raptors Differ in Visual Fields and Degree of Eye Movement and Hawk Eyes II: Diurnal Raptors Differ in Head Movement Strategies When Scanning from Perches

Origins of Morality: Puppet-Show Style!

Nobelist Linda Buck retracts two studies on olfactory networks — and the news is embargoed and Nobel Laureate Retracts Two Papers Unrelated to Her Prize

I for one welcome our glowing overlords…

Science3.0 – Germanblogs

Spatio-Temporal Migration Patterns of Pacific Salmon Smolts in Rivers and Coastal Marine Waters

Cool stuff whales do

Heritability of Morphology in Brook Trout with Variable Life Histories

Varmus on writing, Autism, infographics, NCEA, cartoons and much more

Goodbye, milk—hello, added sugar!

Disentangling Ancient Interactions: A New Extinct Passerine Provides Insights on Character Displacement among Extinct and Extant Island Finches

Sensor-Equipped Spider Webs to Coat Aircraft

The Psychology of Science Politicization

Grasshopper Community Response to Climatic Change: Variation Along an Elevational Gradient

The magic factor (II): genius/talent – a lucky property or a lucky combination?

Are there online communities?

Daniel Hruschka and the Book of Friendship and Cultures of friendship

Visualizing Madness: The Art of “Howl”

So What Incentives Do We Give Scientists to Communicate to a Wider Public?

This Week in Review: Apple’s subscription plan, the exodus from objectivity, and startup guides galore

“Open Source” is not a Verb; thoughts on Diaspora

The Rise of the Empowered Patient

Exactly When Is a Person Dead?

The Public Speaks: Best Insulting New Names for High Fructose Corn Syrup

When did announcing science become the same as publishing science?

Superaccurate Clocks Confirm Your Hair Is Aging Faster Than Your Toenails

Profile: journal editor

Annals of Botany: New issue, new look, new offer for bloggers and journalists

A new link between art and science, or towards hackerspaces’ funding

A Tale of Frankenfish: Should We Be Afraid Of Genetically Modified Salmon? and Sorting Out The Myth And Reality Of Transgenic Fish

Who are you calling a boffin? – What do the public think scientists are like? And what do stereotypes matter anyway?

The chosen research areas of mad scientists, 1810-2010

Morality and Political Psychology

Accidental biology: A self-taught artist discovered the world of biology by dabbling in watercolors

Time Warps an Everyday Occurrence

The Continued Rise of Blogging

Two competitions for Research Triangle-area entrepreneurs

MACHOs, WIMPs and the mystery of the missing mass

Holy Mola Batman! Who needs a research question when you’ve got a super-sexy beast to play with??

Why do I do local news?

The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) iPhone app.

Tide Pool: Cool Seeps, Parasitic Nematodes, and Magnetic Sea Animals

What species of skate is for dinner? New research challenges elasmobranch fisheries policy

Light-control measures appear effective near a key Arizona astronomical site

Touching a Boo-Boo Really Does Make It Feel Better

How to perform responsible research

An Office With a View of Monkeys

Rees: scientists are citizens too

Six Ways to Keep Women in Science

Paleobiology confessions 2: long bones and the space between (part 2)

Smelly Birds in New Zealand Need Deodorant

Online therapy: a download off your mind

Visualizing the Invisible Lines – Conservation biologists graphically map interactions between species.

Tight budgets mean hard choices for science funding

Dream Job: Forensic Artist

Anatomy of Mothra as a Larva


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  1. When my son was at UChicago, I got to be familiar with Midway. They also have little computer kiosks, where it says you can access email. So you pay a few bucks, and get online. But it turns out that their software prevents you from entering anything into the body of the email. You can only enter the address and the subject line. SO after you pay your money, you find out that you have to pay even more for their proprietary email service. Extremely aggravating. SO I would work around it by sending multiple emails with very long subject lines. It is hard to understand why the airport would allow such a sleazy practice.