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Not as many links as usual now, but these are really good:

When giving goes viral

Men, women, and defining the science blogosphere: a memo

Mythbusters in town – and why we love them

Helping science journalism violate Sturgeon’s Law

The Revolution Will Not be Blogged, Either

Rube Goldberg and the Irreducible Strangeness of Electricity

Fibbing With Numbers

I yam what I yam–and what I yam is endangered and under-researched

Hope for Stress Disorders: Current therapies and things to watch for

Why philosophy is a waste of time (go birding!)

E-books – unconference session at SOLO10

Does bond cleavage require or release energy?

Memoirs of an Entomophage

How to Get Rid of Invasive Tree Snakes: Bomb Them With Parachuted, Poisonous Mice

Adult fly mimics ant larva

The big mistake in covering the Tea Party

BlockByBlock: Breakout session: Community engagement and For-proft, non-profit and ??? and My summary of the Block By Block conference.

The Internet Can’t Kill College Journalism and Students Prefer Printed College Newspapers over Online

The truth about vaccines and toxins: less aluminum than breast milk

Cocaine detectors for parents are a terrible idea: “Nearly being arrested for drug smuggling provided me with an excellent introduction to the problem of false positives”.

Lights on or lights off?

Women Apologize More Frequently Than Men

iPhone as Wheelchair Control Hub

Compact Fluorescent Lights, Energy, and Mercury

On Language: in response to Ben Zimmer

Sshh! A Day In Hand: Same-Sex Hand Holding

It’s not what you publish, it’s where you publish it


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