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Lowly Grad and the Magic Beans

Who knew science blogging was a man’s world? and Interview with Jennifer Rohn and Interview with Martin Robbins

E-publishing sucks (or why I’m still killing trees)

New Imaging Technology Shows Animal Insides, Python Digesting a Rat

Amazon: Year 2100

Pedagogy or Politics

Jobs: Postdoc position and Awesome biology job for September 26, 2010.

Weird Science waves its phantom limb in the air like it doesn’t care

The Hottest Big Pharma You Never Heard Of

Bigger brain for those who self-reflect

Biotech’s Revolving Door

How to recreate deep-Earth extremes

The End Of Drug Withdrawals?

Why graphene is electronic gold

Space station crew safely back on earth after textbook return

The Habitual Brain: How Routine Action And Thought Are The Structure Of Life

Science, Art, and Primates

Ellen Langer and the Psychology of Possibility

Peter Kalivas on Learning, Memory and Addiction

For-profit universities: the Yugos of higher education

Live fast, die young

Check out your ancestors

Chocolate… Miam!

Should you pay undergrads that work in your lab?

Biologist Tracks Walruses Forced Ashore As Ice Melts

The BlogTogether Birthday Bash – Oct 19, 2010

What are we working for, really?

Survival of the fittest?

Paper retractions do not induce citation mutations

Are you a blogger? Take Technorati’s 2010 State of the Blogosphere Survey

Single, Angry, Straight Male… Seeks Same?

Doubts about psychedelics from Albert Hofmann, LSD’s discoverer

But Bohr never said anything about Nobel Prizes

Meet Earth’s Spokesperson to the Aliens

Independent Neuroblogs – the FriendFeed

The view from somewhere smart

Peer review’s broken

I propose an experiment


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