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Sleepy, rainy days in North Carolina…perfect for browsing blogs:

Scienceblogging.org: Building a better aggregator: Goals, Tagging

Swimming in a Blue Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategy for Scientists

How Much Does A Hurricane Weigh?

Raise Your Hand if You Think Space is Pristine

BLOG CENSORSHIP–local laws trump global mindset

My drunkenness means you did it deliberately

A mathematician’s apology

Jonathan Adler Muse Collection

Out of your seats: the triangle game

Of Honest Teachers And Precious Rock Hammers

Deformation in the Desert field trip 2007

Using crowds to communicate and innovate

Culverts 1: A case of the F***its

Collapsing mountains and embodied cognition

CRUNCHsquish goes the cockroach.

Honoring Carl Sagan

Temporal Gallery

Another Possible Chacoan Effigy Vessel

Space Age Archaeology: Extra-terrestrial mining: issues in environmental and heritage management

Video Game Cartography and the Magic Circle

Parasite of the Day: 30 feet long tapeworm – Diphyllobothrium latum

Avatar sequel to film deep sea in 3D

Gov. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Anti-Shackling Bill

Really Cool Contraception Museum in Cleveland Medical Library

Stress Factors


Green Box: Pizza with a Conscience

IDEO Reimagines the Future of Personal Banking

Bikoff: The Briefcase Bike

The Miracle Butterfly!

Science Comedian – the Heat in Arizona

BUMP: Bad Use For A Mobile Phone

Student suspended for sharing antibiotics.

Did you judge Ines Sainz?

Bonobo cannibalism?

Know Your New England Bioluminescants

Taming the Monster – how to manage e-mail

Solving a mystery with a mystery?

Carnival of Space #171

What’s a cow got to do with grants?

Lab Safety

The Bambino, NATPE, ALL MY CHILDREN and Docs & Vets

How much could we really combat poverty?

Did cyber-warfare finally invade the real world?

The wages of being a nerd in a hollywood world

Why you’re most probably not part alien

A collaborative proposal on research metrics

Things I Learned From My Students #6: The New Year

A planet with liquid water?! The first real candidate!

Iron Age Multi-Burial Contains People From Different Centuries

Reading Diary: Your hate mail will be graded: A decade of Whatever, 1998-2008 by John Scalzi

Never underestimate your students

Fat but Fit? Research on Obesity and Health

DNA sequencing and the Chocolate Factory and Making chocolate and biomanufacturing

Update on 10,000 genomes and Tasmanian devils

Government funding for ‘pure’ research: an extremely brief and gappy history

Nicky, Jerry and Andy a story of Renaissance publishing.

How a nice cup of coffee worked wonders for a corner of Hackney

Dear Economist: How can I guarantee a good reference?

Obama’s Chunky Energy-Climate Plan

What’s Your Favorite Biology-related Book or Movie?

It Just Ain’t Natural!

Come to Papa

Divorce in Parasites

Forget Sea Slugs . . . How about a Fractal Vegetable?

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Les Vacances Fantastiques

Big Pharma Explain How To Pick Cherries

Endogenous Rhythmicity in A Sea Anemone

Do Some Early Christmas Shopping….and Support the National Sleep Foundation!

Doyle’s father, Sherlock’s first portrait artist, seized

What is Therapy Worth?

Munchausen By Proxy

Women in veterinary medicine

Artificial Leaf Generates Electricity

Fetal Origins: In the Womb, In the News

If I was a bettin’ man…

Gender’s Just a State of Gonads

Sunday Protist – Scary nematode-eating forams and their amazing feet of doom

How much do people trust scientists? Depends on the topic


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