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I taught my BIO101 lab this morning. A little sleepy. Last nice weather days in NC so we should go out. While you read these:

2010 Autumn Semester Week 2: Medical Blogging

Visualizing.org – Making sense of complex issues through data and design.

Spam Journalism #81

Local TV staffer loses job over tweet

Festival of the Trees #52

How the penguin got its tuxedo

Advice for scientists who want to become Wikipedia editors and Know Thy Audience?

“Do you need to go home?”

Skeptically Speaking this Friday: Science Journalism

The Firefly’s Glow Could Revolutionize Stem Cell Therapy

Cell phones, cancer, and scientific oversimplification

Is This Wall Climb Possible?

Could you really hit a golf ball miles and miles on the Moon?

Video Book Review of “The Nature of Human Nature,” by Dr. Carin Bondar, PhD

Hands or Paws or Anything They Got: Masturbation in the animal kingdom.

The murder club

Long-Lost Letters From DNA Pioneers Reveal Conflicts and Tensions

How Much Should We Practice?

How Plants Drove First Animals Onto Land

Cosmic accidents: 10 lucky breaks for humanity

Neurosurgery simulated

Picking the best dissertation project….

They don’t write ’em like they used to

Honking While We Sleep

Michael Jones on heroes, villains and the science of narrative

The Best Graduate Programs in Psychology and New Grad School Rankings Don’t Pass the Smell Test

Sound of Science and It won’t be by taking sugar pills…

When pterosaurs were still mammals: evolving views of the flying dragons

Reporter’s Notes: Looking For A Charge

‘Unobtanium’ Obtained

The Evolvability Of Dogs: A Journey From Mongrels To Poodles

How To Live Forever! Or Why Habits Are A Curse

Carnival of Evolution #28 – Featuring Sandwalk

Social Media Lessons From My Dog

New Zealand Robot Successfully Carries Out Health Care Tasks

RTP conference chases environmental triggers of disease

Genes for ADHD, eh?

Physicists put on their poker face

Sorkin vs. Zuckerberg – ‘The Social Network’ is wonderful entertainment, but its message is actually kind of evil.

LGBT in Ocean Science/Engineering Survey

RTP’s broader reach

First Fair of Horse Breeding “HorseVille” ongoing in Serbia right now.

Photos: “One Nation Working Together” Rally on the Mall

Tennis Players’ Grunts May Slow Opponents’ Reactions

Why Open Media Boston Attended the “Block by Block” Community News Summit 2010


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