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Sex, Evolution, and the Case of the Missing Polygamists

Minorities in Marine Biology: The Dearth of Black Professors

The question is : are you dumber than a rat? and Intelligent Nihilism

An Open Letter to New Graduate Students

Am I wasting my time?

7 Questions with… Andrew Thaler

Friday Weird Science: Having trouble pooping? Maybe you should look…at your bra.

More is better? Received widsom in the tribe of science.

Ana among European medical librarians

Lab Notebook

Reflections on chronic illness: Revisiting LungMutiny2010

MIND in Pictures: Neandering Genes

Reinventing the Leaf: Artificial Photosynthesis to Create Clean Fuel, Made Interactive

Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia

Bora Živković – urednik u SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

Want to avoid weight gain? Stay single!

How a handful of liberal bloggers are bringing down the Obama presidency and Liberal bloggers are bringing down Obama, part II: It’s NOT the economy, stupid, it’s Obama’s character

Biological Role of Nardonella Endosymbiont in Its Weevil Host

How ‘PriceOfWeed’ Uses the Crowd to Fill an Illicit Information Gap

Exploring and Defining Influence: A New Study

Journalism in the Age of Data: A Video Report on Data Visualization by Geoff McGhee

An Assassin among Predators: The Relationship between Plant-Ants, Their Host Myrmecophytes and the Reduviidae Zelus annulosus

This Week in Review: AOL snaps up TechCrunch, effecting social change online, and hyperlocal minds meet

The Rise of Reddit: 4chan and Digg Get the Credit While Reddit Booms

Horizontal Gene Transfer: Bacteria Transmit Genetic Code without Sex

Increased Dependence of Humans on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

The Other Group That Did Well on That Pew Religion Test

Chinese plagiarism and the death of English-language journals

This Tent-Camera Makes Beautiful Pictures -The Ground Can Be Used as a Camera. Here Is Beautiful Evidence.

Groups with Good Social Skills Outperform the Merely Smart

Species Diversity and Distribution Patterns of the Ants of Amazonian Ecuador

Science journalists: no more simplistic pseudo-genetics, please

11 Open Source Projects that Make Free Information Rock

Spend your days collecting data from Spider Monkeys in Panama!

A Third of ‘Extinct’ Mammals May Still Be Alive and Plenty of Extinct Species Are Still Alive

A Chomsky Reader

A Preliminary Investigation Regarding the Effect of Tennis Grunting: Does White Noise During a Tennis Shot Have a Negative Impact on Shot Perception?

PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month – September 2010

Welcome to Evolverie

Congratulations are in order

New Superbug Surpasses MRSA Infection Rates in Community Hospitals

Ig Noble Awards Honor Pioneering Work on Bat Fellatio, Whale Snot, & More and The Ig Nobels have been announced! and Ig Nobel prizes awarded for bat fellatio, whale snot sampling, more

Keep it fun, simple and social, says Twitter ex-developer and user no. 9

Darwin and Scopes in new poll on knowledge of religion

Why There Can Be No Business Model for Slow News and Becoming a Journalist in a World of Stars and Slaves

Review of Gibson’s ‘Zero History’

The Science of Cats in Sinks (video)

Packing for Mars and Designing on Earth: Living and Working in Space

Circus of the Spineless 55: Museum of Invertebrate Art

Why young adults change their religious beliefs

Exploitive experiments: U.S. government researchers secretly infected Guatemalans with syphilis in the 1940s

The Social Network: Fact, fiction and Facebook

It’s All in the Hips: the Feathered Dinosaur Microraptor

Interview with Jeff Martz

A Letter to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert


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