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Where did the weekend go?

I Am a Cyborg and I Want My Google Implant Already

Science journal editors: a taxonomy

Science and journalism: an uneasy alliance

Attractiveness Advantage @ Zoo

Gaaah!!! Nature!: Transparent Python edition

ReaderMeter: researcher-level metrics based on readership

Sunday Spinelessness – How the aphid got its blush

Engagement techniques for teaching evolution

Biodegradable Tents for Temporary Partying

New Plastic Coming To A Liquor Store Near You

“The Penis Project”

Disease + mosquitoes + climate change = Uh-oh

China Not That Excited By Overpriced Appliances that Do What Sun Does Anyway

Is There Any Evidence for the “Porn-Addicted Brain”?

4 Essential Elements For A Branded News Explainer

October Scientiae Carnival – It’s Been A While…

Happy 200th, Snow White!

Durham man targeted by feds as part of widespread raids

Facebook gets its movie, courtesy of Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher and Film Version of Zuckerberg Divides Generations and Pondering the 600 million in Facebook’s global village

What do cancer researchers owe cancer patients?

Bora Živković – urednik u SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

How the Senate Climate Bill Died


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