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“The current phenomenon of ‘bloggers’ should be of serious concern to scientists” and Science blogs and Caveat Emptor. A comment on an Analytical Chemistry editorial and Editor-in-Chief of Anal. Chem. Dislikes “Bloggers” and Those Chemistry Bloggers and Royce Murray and Caveat Emptor and Open letter to Dr. Royce Murray and caveat grumptor and Caveat Emptor When It Comes To Science Blogs? and Readers Beware and Science Blogs vs Scientific Literature and Royce Murray and the problem of science bloggers.

How Writers Can Turn Their Archives into eBooks

Twitterphobia and the mainstream media

Beard Awards Will Not Distinguish Between Online and Print Journalism

Why ‘digital’ journalist should be the only kind

Plugging Into SVP – Yes. On blogging/tweeting science conferences.

Science and the Media (free PDF download)

Scienceblogging: Field of Science – a Q&A with Edward Michaud

Beyond Blogging – Science Engagement in 2010.

Pen: New “literary” science writing award rolling out. $10k to the fortunate wordsmith.

Columbia developing a year-round news outlet to let students learn how to build and serve an audience

Reporting Recipe: Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Data Projects

Even Half a Mile Underground, the Nihilism of the Political Narrative Will Find You and Chile is a story about journalism’s failure (updated)

The Times of London’s impenetrable but straightforward paywall

UNC junior reshapes lifestyle after converting to Islam – long-form narrative journalism in a college paper: well done.

Why the NYT and Drudge are Having Conniptions about Black Bloggers

In praise of cheap science

The Art of Tiny Tech: The 2010 Microscopic Photo Competition Prizewinners

Gene’s Location on Chromosome Plays Big Role in Shaping How an Organism’s Traits Evolve

Internal Body Temperature Turns Back Circadian Clocks

Your love is my drug: How passion sparks the same painkilling pathways as drugs

Expectations for stem cells undergo some reprogramming at annual research meeting

Mini unmanned aircraft embark on missions with a Porsche named Sting

UNC cancer scientist appeals her demotion

Philosophical Question for the Day: Do Whales Have the Right of Way?

Hotsy Totsy

Alternative Biomedical Treatments for Autism: How Good Is the Evidence? and Desperation Drives Parents to Dubious Autism Treatments

Butterflies Choose Plants for Medicinal Qualities

Should I lick this?

NYU Creates Animal Studies Initiative to Support Interdisciplinary Research, Coursework in Emerging Academic Field

Editor’s choice

Bogus science, health quackery to be exposed at McGill symposium

Have you signed up for The BlogTogether Birthday Bash – Oct 19, 2010 yet?

Cows to Kazakhstan

Punching Robot Totally Breaks Asimov’s First Rule

Will the first artificial intelligence by inspired by plants?

Geology History in Caricatures: Exploring and Educating Geohistory

Why Doctors Should Take Sick Days

Kavli Video Contest Top 10 Finalist–Amanda MacCartney

The Imagine Science Film Festival

The Knobe Effect

Uncovering Edgar Allan Poe – the science buff

Visualizing Languages

Sexting and the iPhone, A Love Story

Sierra’s Kellerweis Hefeweizen Pulls Off Killer Comeback

Love Bytes

Save the Whales, Save the Poop

Eco-friendliness is just “congreenience”

Who owns your review?

Youth in Revolt: Why we aren’t voting

Student Surveys Contradict Claims of Evolved Sex Differences – Recommended.

Randy Rotifers: Environmental Variation Prompts More Sex

Where the pictures came from – Awesome!

Love Lessens Pain

Bacteria using bacteria

Farewell, GOOG-411

Penguins at the Pole?

What they found in the virtual screening jungle

Time Is Money. Or Is It?

How Did 9/11 and the Holocaust Affect Pregnant Women and Their Children?

The Cargo Cult of Acupuncture

Coral-devouring sea stars

The Tea Party’s disturbing views about science

Headless chickens

Tail of a whale, snapped in 2 seas, reveals surprising wanderlust

The neglected tropical diseases are no longer neglected! At least not by the WHO

Robert Ford, Toronto’s mayoral candidate says: “Cyclists are a pain in the ass!”

National “Press” Foundation? Or National Pharma?

Pondering Animal Research

Transparency: The Cities Where Sprawl Makes the Commute the Worst

Raptorex—To Be, or Not to Be?

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