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Blogging groups and ethics and Blogging Groups and Ethics

Why My Child With Autism Is Fully Vaccinated

The Buzz On Buzz

Why blogging still matters

The Faces of Science – A new project

Communicating Science Through Context

Bringing back Babbage and Get Your Steampunk On: This Guy’s Building a Computer From 1837

In which I suggest a preprint archive for clinical trials

The New York Times on Atheist Infighting

Why Do Americans Have Yards?

Do Author-Suggested Reviewers Rate Submissions More Favorably than Editor-Suggested Reviewers? A Study on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Alice Waters’ School Lunch Initiative Effective At Instilling Healthy Habits In Children

Stronger And Smarter: Informal Science Learning In Rural American Libraries

When Brains Hit the Gym

Home Energy Efficiency is All About Location, Location, Location

T. rex, a Cannibal? and Tyrannosaurus Rex Was a Cannibal and Cannibalism in Tyrannosaurus rex

The origin of hybrid edible bananas

3-D Images Allow Researchers to See How Marine Life Swarms

Can Rhesus Monkeys Recognize Their Own Reflection?

Effects of Picture Size Reduction and Blurring on Emotional Engagement

Genes: The Thrill of Life?

Popular Mechanics releases a gorgeously-illustrated guide to retro futurism

Giant Pterosaurs Could Fly 10,000 Miles Nonstop

This Is Not a Blog Post – Blogs and Web magazines are looking more and more alike. What’s the difference?

IDIOKRATIJA – Idiocracy, with Serbian subtitles, which I watched in its entirety last night. And which fits nicely with Slim pickings: The Tea Party Class of 2010 and Ignorance as Authenticity and The New Normal.

Evolving attitudes about evolution (pdf)

Worst. Antidepressant. Ever.

Why Are 3-D Movies So Bad?

Societies evolve in steps

Don’t Make a Monkey out of Me

The Disease of Plastic Water Bottles

Dream Job: Under-ice Diver

Antioxidant Machinery Differs between Melanic and Light Nestlings of Two Polymorphic Raptors

On the Origins of Island Life

A Picture May Be Worth 1000 Words, But They May Not Be the Truth

After the Pakistan Floods, Why Relief Help Was Slow to Arrive

The Impact of Worry on Attention to Threat

Inspired by science

Out on the job market

Is disease a tax that we force the poor to pay?

Spondarthritis in the Triassic

‘Catfish’ Film Exposes Lies, Mental Illness

The Harlem Science Renaissance

Soda, beer, and BPA (and hey, congrats to Canada!)

Friday Weird Science: That MotherF**king HURTS!!! and The @#$% 2010 Ig Nobel Peace Prize: Pain files 1

Increasing Costs Due to Ocean Acidification Drives Phytoplankton to Be More Heavily Calcified: Optimal Growth Strategy of Coccolithophores

Childhood Obesity Is An Epidemic That Can and Will Be Stopped!

TEDxRaleigh highlights innovation in Triangle’s backyard

Virus Deadly in Livestock Is No More, U.N. Declares

Tech Support


Aversive Reinforcement Improves Visual Discrimination Learning in Free-Flying Honeybees

Where’s the line between research and marketing?

XMRV and Autism: Best conflict of interest EVAH!

A Fondness for Antiques: The Future of Books According to Science Fiction

Why is the Sun yellow?

The mechanochemical engine

The Physiological Period Length of the Human Circadian Clock In Vivo Is Directly Proportional to Period in Human Fibroblasts

David Buss defends evolved sex differences (exclusive!)

The work of tweeting

Phylogenetic Analysis of Pelecaniformes (Aves) Based on Osteological Data: Implications for Waterbird Phylogeny and Fossil Calibration Studies

New ‘Around the Web’ Features

Look Ma, No Hands! A Brief History of Self-Driving Cars

Great article it today’s Chilliwack Times…but with one major misquote

Learn to Speak Primate

RTP Week Ahead, Oct. 18-23

TBJ reveals 2010 Fast 50 winners

What Alternative Energy Taught Us About the Fish that Live in the East River

PsihoBrlog – a new psychology blog in Croatian.

Today I started a new blogging network

Pigeons Gamble on Unlikely Jackpot over Small Sure Things

This Week in Review: The iPad’s pay potential, Chile miner over-coverage, and another Murdoch paywall

How to turn a paper of record into a website of record

The Web Parenthesis: Is the “open Web” closing?

NC blogger holds Guinness World Record

Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour 68: Taking Science Online (video)


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