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First, a question: is it possible for a WordPress blog to have both “Comment” and “Fact-check” buttons at the bottom of each post, commenting on each resulting in comments in different color, e.g., “comment” looking normal (e.g., white) and “fact-check” having a blue frame (or some other way to distinguish)?

I hope you did already, but if you didn’t, please go and vote for Christie Wilcox right now and right here.

Does Global Warming Exist, and Other Questions We Want Answered

Confessions of a Millennial Housewife

The 21st Century Resume

U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patents

On science blogs this week: Elect

Friday Social at ScienceWriters2010 for First-Timers, Students and ‘Sci-Buddies’

Neural and Synaptic Defects in slytherin, a Zebrafish Model for Human Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation

The Quest For The Giant Pumpkin

Animal Magnetism Redefined: The Epic Travels of Baby Sea Turtles

Helicopter Parents: Mentors or Mess-makers?

The thing with the plunger?

Mystery emo skinks of Tonga!

Cancer coverage and its sources

Carnal Carnival! Show me your big O.

The arguments for young people’s involvement in decisions about science funding

“Women with low libidos ‘have different brains’” and Brain Scans Prove That The Brain Does Stuff and Media HSDD: “Hyperactive Sexual Disorder Detection”

Years ago in college…

What’s In Candy Corn?

Better Posters: Eye tracking

Visualizing Diseases

Halloween Baking!

Eat Your Heart Out

Writing tip – avoid promoting particular booksellers…

New Frog-Inspired Sensor May Revolutionize Medical Contaminant Testing

Filtrete: Revolutionary Real-Time Water Filtration from IDEO

When academics try to take on military history

Could video games train their players for war?

Diagram of the citation chain

The Perils of Being a Gawker Media Tipster

The medium is the joke

If sheep could tweet

Undercover Economist: Stimulating debate

Five Ways NaNo can Kickstart Your Creativity

From coaching call to virtual sandbox: How a shared whiteboard can transform your teaching

How To Overcome Stage Fright By Telling People To Piss Off

Seven Things a Marketing Genius Taught Me About Teaching

Make Bubbling, Spooky Halloween Cauldrons with Dry Ice

The Rally for Tone

Chaplin time travel video solved?

Social Media and Microbiology Education

The Social Comparison Bias – or why we recommend new candidates who don’t compete with our own strengths

Shell shock, revisited

Growing big brains

MythBusters and the ultimate neuromyth

Canine obstetrics

Don’t Take No for an Answer

A handslide victory

Marc Hauser: Plot Thickens, Solidifies, Cracks?

The 1911 Coca-Cola brain poison trial

Hurricane Tomas threatens Haiti

A misdirection of mind

Re: Haldane vs. Lysenko

Are names really the key to the big new biology?

Furious Growth and Cost Cuts Led To BP Accidents Past and Present

Do Smoking Bans Work?

A new (and wrong) value for pi and A well sealed snail shell

Parasite of the Day – Philophthalmus gralli – fluke in the eye-lid!

A simple change determines male vs female organ development in flowers

More trouble for the killifish

Tuatara tuesday – an iconic parasite for an iconic species

I choose you!

Gone Fishing

An American’s Thoughts While Flying

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Geological Frightfest: El monstruo de los volcanes

How about a graphite ring for getting engaged?

Fluid Dynamics & the Wet-Dog Shake

Where Good Ideas Come From

Review of Good Faith Collaboration

Some Matter is Strange, but that’s okay

Make some Graphene at Home Today

Academics versus explorers and Academics vs. Explorers

Mesa Verde Water Control

Findings increasingly novel, scientists say… (FriendFeed discussion)

The Funniest Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear! (PHOTOS)

A space debris-tracking satellite

Uncharted Waters

Can medicine revive the dying patient-as-subject?

“A Really Greater New York”

Beware Of Brain Differences In The Sexes

Spitting on the Bat and Other Baseball Rituals

A picture of me taken by @nparmalee in NYC after the NYCSciTweetup a couple of weeks ago

Should Parents Pay Their Children to Volunteer?

The Rudest Question You Can Ask About Someone With Cancer

“The Assassination of Dr. Tiller” – MSNBC Documentary Narrated by Rachel Maddow

Stem Cells, Breast Reconstruction and a Magazine Cover

Roadtrip observations of workers safety (sort of) during highway construction

Electronics production in Batam, Indonesia: “OSH is the most important. If we are sick we cannot earn our salaries.”

How does an anthropological perspective contribute to our understanding of birth control? Part I

Leigh Van Valen, Evolution Revolutionary, Dies at 76

Polio and the vaccine problem

Know Your Plagues

Cholera – Love in the time of rice-water stool and high infant mortality

Platypus eggs

Gobi Desert Diaries: All creatures great and small, part 4.

Crows, electricity, and resiliency

Pre-Election Maneuvering Marked by Fits of Climate Skepticism

Why OpenNotes and access to the medical chart is important

When maps lie (Africa gets short-changed again)

Castlen Kennedy – woman in the oil patch

Hooyah! The military’s going lean, clean, and green

New EPA Regulations – is coal on its way out?

Energy Storage – a la Fulvalene Diruthenium (say what??)

Vampires – they’re not just out at night

BP and Halliburton knew about flaws in cement

Climate psychiatry

Dick Hill: Stinky Clams and Coral Bleaching

Uncinate processes link birds and dinosaurs

Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk for A WHOLE HOUR.

Size Matters: Turning Physics Into Art


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