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Intensely busy week (obviously, or you’d see more stuff on this blog otherwise). Had lunches with some smart interesting people yesterday and today, though, which is always uplifting. Lots of travel next week. Till then, read these articles and posts:

Why don’t more science bloggers cite their images? and A Diplodocus-sized Pet Peeve and Glimpse at image credits on science blogs

Devaluing journalism and Day Four: Of Webinars and Churnalists and Do bloggers devalue journalism? and My blog doesn’t depress wages

The Faces of Science and Faces of Science – A Call to Action

Four Stone Hearth #104

Nations agree historic deal to save nature and A giant leap for the natural world

Extending daylight could boost health, help planet

Cool Biology Job For October 29, 2010: “The Thailand Clouded Leopard Consortium seeks a full-time, hands-on manager to oversee all aspects of a captive breeding and research project for ~40 clouded leopards and fishing cats at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand.”

“Gene-whiz” science strikes again: Researchers discover a liberal gene and Is ‘the liberal gene’ nonsense? No, but the jokes on the subject are

Conferences are for partying

Great Science Writing At Yale

Context-Dependent Effects of Ranaviral Infection on Northern Leopard Frog Life History Traits

How to be a Dinosaur for Halloween

TED MED 2010: The Astronaut, the Author and the Prince of Darkness

Heavenly illumination: The science and magic of stained glass

Et tu, BBC?

Color Bind: A New Study Finds Wind Turbine Color May Play a Role in Bat Fatality Rate

Do Seasons Have an Influence on the Incidence of Depression? The Use of an Internet Search Engine Query Data as a Proxy of Human Affect

Written in Stone – It’s almost here and Library Journal likes ‘Written in Stone’

This Week in Review: WikiLeaks’ latest doc drop, the NPR backlash, and disappointing iPad magazines

More on iPad Magazines

Battling Cholera in Haiti From Within

Chemist as cook

MAD SCIENCE!!! or, Atoms for Peace and Fun with TRIGA

Remembrances of books past

Local Food, Nutrition, Hunger and Bacteria: Science Cafés Focus on Food Safety and Security

A $10,000 poll

Dream States: A Peek into Consciousness

Then and Now

Warning! Climate change is a fire hazard

The sad and shameful decline of the science book prize

The Tea Party Constitution Versus the Thomas Jefferson Constitution

New colorectal cancer test could eliminate need for colonoscopy for many people

New journalism ecosystem thrives

Mount Everest gets 3G mobile network

Duke to anchor first clinical trial of next-generation HIV vaccine

Birth of a Movement: Tea Party Arose From Conservatives Steeped in Crisis

Weight-loss variability in response to the same diet

A Cut-and Dry Forecast: U.S. Southwest’s Dry Spell May Become Long-Lasting and Intensify as Climate Change Takes Hold

The Great Chemical Unknown: A Graphical View of Limited Lab Testing

New avenues for the (Research Triangle) Park

Dark Worlds

Anti-quackery underpants

100 Years Ago: Growing Cells – “Carrel and Burrows, who are so scientific and so conservative in their work…”

Friday Weird Science: HALLOWEEN MAD SCIENCE EDITION. The Zombiefying Parasite!

The Best of Nature Network: 23-29 October 2010

Researchers Find ‘Goldilocks’ Of DNA Self-Assembly

Interview With a Ghost (Writer)

Stop the Presses! Climate journos think the emissions-reduction issue looks an awful lot like a narrative problem. No word yet on just how “nail-shaped” people wielding hammers see it

The Story Of The Biggest Computer Game Of All Time

Geological Frightfest: Fantasia

Publishing Open Access is Good for Your Academic Reputation

Mentoring Science Teachers

Dream Job: Movement Engineer

Do Dogs Like to Dress Up for Halloween?

Toy stories: lessons to be learned

NIH Scientists See Crackdown on Consulting as Too Restrictive

Taking Genetic History to the Grave

Humans Crafted Complex Tools Earlier Than Thought

Climate Certainties, Climate Confusion: Kim Cobb at PopTech

Brain-computer interface used to quickly call up images

Like Humans, Chimps Tend to Be Right-Handed

Tracking the Emergence of Birds

Climate change in the Eocene: how’d all this carbon get here?

Corporations, some green ones too, say their greenhouse emissions are trade secrets. Plus AP calls it pollution.

Yes, we have some bananas

Paint it Green: Why it’s been left to reporters to bring up environmental issues on the campaign trail

Bacterial cell division and membrane potential

Space tourism could spur climate change


Who gets (and controls) the “first crack”?

Squalor and sewage in the beautiful city

Alt-metrics: a manifesto

NPR: “What Democrats Developed, Republicans Have Mastered”

Question: What are sisters good for? and Do Sisters Make Us Happier?

World’s Longest Zoo Snake Dies

The Anthrome Era

Synchronicity for Fun and Profit

Of Fossil Ghosts and Hippos Past

The Science of Mind-Reading

A Heliport, Kingfishers and River Dolphins

Wireless Humans – Your Next Mobile Network

Astronomers Predict a Bonanza of Earth-Sized Exoplanets

Beaches can harbor hidden oil long after spills

Rhesus, paternity tests and 23andMe

Blog Discussion with an SBM Critic

Internet Cafes And Public Networks

A limitless life

Dream Job: Coral Whisperer

Ignore or Engage?

Stone Age Toolmakers Surprisingly Sophisticated

Epigenetics 2010 – a new collection from the PLoS journals

Election week flashback: Democrats and Republicans can be differentiated from their faces.

A Hundred Ways to Be a Frog

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

Magic and science: Together again at last

How “Snowball Earth” Could Have Triggered the Rise of Life

Do scientific projects get funded because the authors make some spurious link with climate change?

Where the Healthcare Workers Are

The Brain in the Voting Booth

How science funding is putting scientific data at risk

Fatigued by a Fake Disease

Photo Finish


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