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Dinner with Anton Zuiker last night, working on ScienceOnline2011, update soon.

Preparing for next week’s travels. Need a room-mate for the NASW meeting Nov.5-7 in New Haven – will pay my part. Let me know if interested…

AGU Blogs and Welcome to the AGU Blogosphere!

The Stein Taxonomy: An Analytic Model for Social Reading

How the King Cobra Maintains Its Reign

My iPad Magazine Stand

Washington’s Abortive Scientific Renaissance and “Restoring Science to Its Rightful Place”: Where It All Went Wrong

5 Twitter tips for using conference hashtags like #ONA10

Book Review: Janet Browne, “Charles Darwin: Voyaging” (1995)

Presto! Introducing the November 2010 Scientific American MIND

Has anyone tried ChimpFeedr for making combined feeds for Scienceblogging.org?

Polio in Retreat: New Cases Nearly Eliminated Where Virus Once Flourished

Some depression might have roots in immune-generated inflammation

On Balance, Hype, Climate and the Media

Misreading Climate Change on Scientific American and A Pitiful Poll and an Abused Article at Scientific American and Joe Romm responds and Scientific American: On climate change, a scientist who is civil with skeptics, and politics

Help Us Crowd-Source Forbes Magazine: Names You Need to Know in 2011

On the cutting edge: Three women in translational research

You complete me

Who’s the geek?

Storing structure

Sigma Xi Holds Food Safety and Security Symposium Nov. 11-13

Evolution is not enough

Food for thought: Cooking in human evolution

Two ways of spotting mistakes while typing and Fingers Know When You Type Wrong

Blind People Sense Touch Faster

The League of Moveable Type – open source typography – the next science poster will use Sniglet, I bet!

Everyday BPA Exposure Decreases Human Semen Quality

UTSIC (University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection Website ) Website Active!

Flowchart: Understanding the Web, for Fans of Charles Dickens

Could a Blood Test Reveal If You Have Early-Stage Cancer?

Grow Outside!

The Question That Answers Everything About the Election (and America, too) – GOPers’ favorite brand? Fox News. Dems’ fave? Google.

MythBusters, Inertia and Friction

Some thoughts on principles for scientific attribution and Scientific Attribution Principles

Official Google Blog: $5 million to encourage innovation in digital journalism – Science networks?

Amazing Discovery! Botany is interesting!

Pancreatic cancer develops for years before spreading

The Page That Refuses to Turn

Four Myths About the Tea Parties

My first taste of trapping

Oh hey, public records law violation.

ScienceWriters2010 – I’ll be there.

New Research Blogging topics are live!

‘Shrinking’ the Climate Problem

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