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The Republic of Science: Its Political and Economic Theory

While data mining for political astroturfers, truthy.indiana.edu is hitting pay dirt and The Tea Party and Astroturfing

20 heroic librarians who save the world

This week’s science and medical blog carnivals

Combating Sexual Exploitation Online

After tobacco: North Carolina builds on the legacy of the golden leaf

Broccoli, cancer, and evaluation of risk

Cool blog: The Big Blog Theory

God Science Daily

The Purging of English Cholera: The Anticontagionism vs. Contagionism Debate

On bullshit

Why the Simple “Me” Beats the Royal “We”

Window Shopping for Electric Cars: How to Compare Conventional and Plug-in Vehicles

Immunocontraception in Wild Horses (Equus caballus) Extends Reproductive Cycling Beyond the Normal Breeding Season

Clear New Insights into the Genetics of Depression

Building a university sandbox for news orgs: UNC’s new digital newsroom nearing Nov. 1 launch

Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and Our Place in Nature

SfN is pleased to announce this year’s Neurobloggers!

Blue Light Special

Getting beyond just pageviews: Philly.com’s seven-part equation for measuring online engagement

The Wrestling Bug

Lack of WikiLeaks coverage disturbing, but not surprising

The Carbon Trap: Can China Survive without Coal?

Plastic from Plants: Is It an Environmental Boon or Bane?

Not Neutrality?: U.S. Weighs Options for Turbo-Boosting Nation’s Broadband into the 21st Century

Bad seeds, bad science, and fairly black cats?

The Unspoken, yet Vital Component of Hertability Estimates: Is This a Problem for GWAS?

Lungs with taste, or lungs with a fortuitous receptor?

Ecological tragedy in Vietnam: not a children’s story

Bookstores: dead or alive?

Conservation is a Dirty Word

HuffPost Health: A soon-to-be one-stop shop for quackery?

Slow Time, Fast Time

Slice and Scan

A Taxonomy of Social Reading: a proposal

Shrek II, from an Evolutionary Perspective

It’s Easy, True, and Useless to Call Glenn Beck Stupid

How Should Peer Review Evolve?

Over It Yet? Privacy, That Is

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks

‘dem bones tell strange tales

Asch’s conformity study without the confederates

The Bobo Doll Experiment

Jean Baptiste Lamarck: Founder of Lamarckian Evolution and Again with this Lamarck guy

A Fact Check Box on Every Page

Male castration: The easiest way to live to 100?

Absolutely Confabulous

Scientific American put clients’ needs under a microscope and grew ad/sponsor revenue 30 percent.

The werewolf is dead, long live the werewolf, or: The co-existence of lycanthropy and Cotard’s syndrome

Research intelligence – Charges of the open brigade

Universal Grammar is dead. Long live Universal Grammar.

What Do Editors Want? and Would These Editors Hire You?

Boosting science education

The Neanderthal Romeo and Human Juliet hypothesis

The Culture of Poverty Debate Continued

Road Trip to Mars, Sex Included

How Wealth Accumulation Can Promote Cooperation

Chapel Hill crepe shop owner shares food, big personality

Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind

SfN the Meh…WTF!? and Who are the Society for Neuroscience bloggers?

Open Laboratory submissions close in a month

What Neuroscience Has to Say About Gap’s Logo Disaster and Sharp edges and soft science

X-ray visions – from diagnosing disease to detecting forgeries

Buzz word #1: Networking

Why Social Closeness Matters

Too many postdocs?

Female Choice for Males with Greater Fertilization Success in the Swedish Moor Frog, Rana arvalis

Things learned from my Society meeting…

A Frog at the Bottom of a Well

Effect of Restricted Preen-Gland Access on Maternal Self Maintenance and Reproductive Investment in Mallards

Skeptics: It’s time to stop preaching to the converted

Dinosaur Mold-A-Rama Still Going

Scaled protists and bloated distractions

Residents of Trinity: Robert Fulton

Cooperation under Indirect Reciprocity and Imitative Trust

Fit for a Princess: How the laws of physics helped style Disney’s newest star

Regulation of PER2 Expression By Dopamine

New World, Same Old Gender Roles – The Social Network “reflects to a chilling degree a cultural reality” : misogyny.

Washington City Paper Staff Memo on Stewart/Colbert Rallies

The Ooiest, Gooiest Widget of Them All

Effects of Orientation on Survival and Growth of Small Fragments of the Invasive, Clonal Plant Alternanthera philoxeroides

Ecosystem Resource Planning Extends Offshore

Parallel Lives

A Major New Fossil Deposit, with a Note on Taxonomic Caution

Self-motivated vs. mandated archiving

The Corrosion of America

Diversity among African Pygmies

How media changes politics

Did Marc Hauser Get a Raw Deal?

Increased Responsibility and Transparency in an Era of Increased Visibility

Conflicts of Interest at Medical Journals: The Influence of Industry-Supported Randomised Trials on Journal Impact Factors and Revenue – Cohort Study and Editors, Publishers, Impact Factors, and Reprint Income

Computer-Assisted 3D Kinematic Analysis of All Leg Joints in Walking Insects

Why the right really hates NPR – with or without Juan Williams and Juan Williams, NPR & News Debates

Why do we launch rockets from Cape Canaveral?

Back from the Brink: Victories in Conservation

Pepsi Galaxy, Pepsi Universe

Portraits of the Mind: The Loom’s First Photoessay!

How not to think yourself smart…

Energy Bracelets: Embedding Frequencies in Holograms for Fun and Profit

Waking up to morality

Now that’s a f***ing big genome!

RIP Paul the Octopus and Paul is dead

Australia Takes a Bold Step To Shape its Water Future

The strumming assassin that hunts spiders on their own webs

Dude, you are speaking Romulan

Crazy Creationists Unleashed #1

More reports of oil in the deep, but corals seem OK

5 Activities for Science and Technology Enthusiasts on Halloween

Sex Discrimination Go Bye-Bye; Gender Differences In Math A Choice, Not Social Pressure Or Ability

Chiclones And Bombogenesis

Flower Development as an Interplay between Dynamical Physical Fields and Genetic Networks

A Year of Progress Toward a Sustainable Earth

A Dinosaur In The Church

Columbus Didn’t Sail Syphilis Back to Europe

Eat Crop Biodiversity or Lose it, United Nations Says


The historical problems for women geologists: Travel and Gear

Climate Change May Be Tipping Balance Against Imperiled Puerto Rico Frog

Virgin Galactic Plans Space Hop, Skip and Jump

Crowdsourced New York Apartment Pushing Limits

A Plea to Amazon: Fix Mechanical Turk!

Report: New York Times Has More Twitter Followers than Print Readers

Politico, Seeing a Market Need, Adds a Paid News Service

Ozzy Osbourne’s Genome Reveals Some Neandertal Lineage

Between the Bars is a weblog platform for prisoners.

Social Research Networks Spawn New Tools

“books” On the Cambridge Train and Closed bibliography on the Cambridge train

So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities?

Does Masculinity Matter? The Contribution of Masculine Face Shape to Male Attractiveness in Humans

Doctors’ Religious Beliefs Shown to Affect Their Medical Decisions

Pollinators: Evolutionary flower power

Body Parts! Get Your Body Parts Here!

Why Some Cats Are Plain and Others Patterned

Bruce Schneier knows Victoria’s Secret

New Discovery May Help Plants Grow in Cold Climates

Newest Monkey Species Allergic to Rain?

Not all guys recall come-ons

Your reviewer and you

Climate code archiving: an open and shut case?

Sound proofing by closing a door

Paying the price for locally grown

Sense of Touch Much Improved in Artificial Skins

Envy stimulates the economy—and is why you bought your iPhone

Our Divided Legacy In An Age Of Miracles And Horror

Galaxy Zoo shows how well crowdsourced citizen science works

Wikileaks: Psychological warfare in Iraq

Giant virus found in tiny predator

OAPEN — Open Access Book Experiment in Humanities, Social Sciences

Top 5 Nobel Prize searches

Depressed mice, gene therapy, and p11

America’s Smartest (and Dumbest) Cities

Can journalism students blog their way into a job?

Pouches, pockets and sacs in the heads, necks and chests of mammals, part IV: reindeer and a whole slew of others

Forget Elephants; Sea Lions Never Forget!

Global Warming and the ‘Tyranny of Boredom’

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Science & technology librarian blogs on Scienceblogging.org

In Which We Learn That It Is Unwise to Drink and Handle Snakes

Harnessing Your Marilyn Monroe Neurons

The Sea Cucumber Shall Inherit the Earth

Extinction crisis revealed: One fifth of the world’s mammals, birds and amphibians are threatened

Salmon farms in the Bay of Fundy worry fishermen

TEDMED 2010: Medicine Tries Some New Ideas

White-Nose Syndrome: Something is killing our bats

Hyperlocal Newsroom Summer

Linda’s first CO2 experiment

$10,000 Science Blogging Scholarship – I Need Your Help! and Rally ’round your nerd and On beauty, popularity, and what young girls may blog about

Congratulations Dr Francl!!

What does HIV sound like?

Stories vs. Statistics

Diet of Two Large Sympatric Teleosts, the Ling (Genypterus blacodes) and Hake (Merluccius australis)

Letting go of the rope: Why I’m no longer a newspaper subscriber

I’m Right Here: Rudy Simone on Life as an “Aspergirl”

New Fossil Anemone Reveals Innard Secrets

The evolution of novelty through subtle tinkering

Five minutes with the discoverer of the Scientific Impotence Excuse, Geoffrey Munro

The grand diversity of marine phytoplankton species: focusing from space

J.B.S. Haldane and the case of the revivified head

A Quick Mind with Letters Can Be a Slow Mind with Natural Scenes: Individual Differences in Attentional Selection

How much does the weather affect my running?

Where did all these monkeys come from? – Fossil teeth may hint at an Asian origin for anthropoid primates

Genome Wide Association Studies for Milk Production Traits in Chinese Holstein Population

Kid Spyware Brings Helicopter Parenting to a Whole New Level

America’s Meanest Airlines

A Movement of Cowards

Externalization of the Senses

Mountaintop mining plans close to defeat

Friendships Moderate an Association between a Dopamine Gene Variant and Political Ideology

Cruel and Usual?: Is Capital Punishment by Lethal Injection Quick and Painless?

Universal Plant DNA Barcode Loci May Not Work in Complex Groups: A Case Study with Indian Berberis Species

How old is too old for trick-or-treating?

But did you correct your results using a dead salmon?

Anatomy of a Superstition: When Your Eye “Jumps”

Changing Patterns of Hibernation in Columbian Ground Squirrels

Do Fleas Affect Energy Expenditure of Their Free-Living Hosts?

Thousands likely to attend Rally to Restore Sanity, but few know what it’s about

What a waste(land)

Immunochemistry – The Tom and Jerry way

Animal attraction

Vaccine promotion – the medium matters too

Sand: The Neverending Story — A Q&A with author Michael Welland

Innovation just a “buzzword”

Functional selectivity: Nature’s Bach concerto

Studies Show Conservative Bullies, Liberal Crybabies

New media ethics: TechCrunch, a case study

Single Gene Is Central to Circadian Rhythms in Plants and Animals

Periodic Trends on the Periodic Table

EST/Sloan Presents: PHOTOGRAPH 51 and Photograph 51 Panel Discussion

Hygiene in Ancient Rome

Your PowerPoint and You

NSF Building Evacuated in Ballston After Apparent Lightning Strike

MediaBugs revamps its site with a new national focus

Metrics, impact, and business plans: Things to watch for as the Knight News Challenge enters a new cycle

Wonder of wonders

Laughing at what you don’t understand