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The Trouble with Scientists and The Trouble With Journalists… and The Pink Drink Effect

Words and non-words

Why Blog About Science?

Paul Nurse on ‘anti-science doubters’ and the blogosphere

Why I Wrote About Judith Curry and Climate Heretic: Judith Curry Turns on Her Colleagues and Carbon Dioxide and Climate and Taking the temperature: Climate change poll and Update on Climate Hawks, Judith Curry and more and Want to Learn More about Climate Change?

Halloween Post: The “Bloody Mary” illusion

Do people reject evolution because it unnerves them?

Toxicology: the poison and the dose

The Problem With Innate Differences

Wining about “corked” Tylenol

Gap and the Neuroscience of Logo Design

Against Odds, Web Site Finds Niche

Scientia Pro Publica 43: Loving, Living, Learning

The Nixonian henchmen of today: at the NYT

Hard hats put on another safety hat

What do genes say about how tall you will be?

Where biology and computer science meet

Take a new look at our oceans

Drexel University Commits to 100 Percent Clean, Renewable Wind Energy

Social change or social networking? How can we exploit the weak ties?

Nurses Find The Weirdest Stuff…

The War Against Nurses and Coca-Cola

Puberty’s End

Fat rat fathers and pre-diabetic daughters

What if Solar Power had Fossil-Fuel-like subsidies? [Infographic]

Post reporter Williams apologizes for ‘innappropriate’ verbal conduct – ‘What Juan Williams should have been fired for 20 years ago…’

Top 10 Important Blunders of Ancient Science

Official: The Most Sexually Satisfied City In the U.S. Is…

They wuz robbed: Editorial TKO for boxing paper leads to retraction, republication

Why NPR Matters (Long)

Openness and Secrecy in Science — A Careful Balance

Where are the women in the ‘population control’ debate?

Researchers probe linguistic patterns of Williams syndrome

Uninvited house guests


Eastern Cicada Killer

A Caterpillar to Avoid

Quick Tip for Getting Sharper Closeup Photos

Color Lubbers

Dinosaur paleontologist? …ask your doctor for advice…

Spore, The Evolutionary Game

Holey Mission: An American Jew brings bagels back to Vilnius

Knight News Challenge ’11: Mobile, Authenticity, Sustainability and Community

How the Globe Editorial Board is Misleading You About Journalism

How I Wrote “The Orchid Children,” via Open Notebook

20 die in air disaster after smuggled crocodile escapes on a plane

Receptors for Taste Found in the Lungs

King George II & III, Colonial News, and a Royal Autopsy

Bee’s Tiny Brain Beats Computers at Complex Math Problem and Complex mathematical problem solved by bees

30 minutes of fame

Dinosauria size comparison table

Blurring the Line Between Apps and Books

Supercave Seeks Super Explorer

Outrageous Food Ads From the Past

Book Review: MASSIVE by Ian Sample

Margaret Mead’s bashers owe her an apology

No high-tech high five, this robot uses a beanbag for a hand

Pyramidal Form Provides Inspiration for New Artificial Skin

Unpopular Science

XKCD is the awesomest.

Aquamation: Even Greener Than Cremation?

He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – Relationship Train Wrecks

Can Jon Stewart Restore Our Sanity?

Should BP’s Money Go Where the Oil Didn’t?

Lies, damned lies, and…science-based medicine?

Dawkins sues own webmaster

What Obama Can Learn From Lady Gaga (And Progressives From The Tea Party)

Re-Imagining Society: Can We Move Beyond Purple Penguins And Price Tags?

Another one bits the dust: Goodbye Walkman

Beyond Fingerprints

Love a Man in Uniform? Think Twice in Congo

Art Monday: Haldane’s Precambrian Puzzle

The Physics of the Wet-Dog Shake

From ScienceWriters: Moving from staff to freelance

Recess and Newsflash: reptiles and invertebrates ‘play’

Exhibit Review: Mammoths and Mastodons

Fertile eggs? It’s quality not quantity

Serving Up Vegetables With Eggs

How MIT’s Media Lab gave birth to Guitar Hero and hyperviolins

Asian Neanderthals, Humans Mated

Swimming With Sea Rex

Are Video Games Art?

Are Computer Viruses Illegal?

The Twist in the Story

Urban Growth on the Ballot

The Benefits of Left-Side Sleeping

Studying Disease in Dogs to Help Humans

Green Energy, Pristine Deserts

Sites to track sick animals key early warning for humans

Don’t feed the BEAR

The Best Bits Of ProPublica’s Pharma Payroll Investigation

Man Breaks Dog Out of Jail

Magnetic monopoles outed, powerless to help grand unified theory

N.C.: Mountains to Sea

Viral videos traced back to 2 blogs

Tracing Bad (and Dangerous) Internet Science

Real-World Steps on Energy and CO2

Ancient chimp virus brought ‘back to life’

Why Is Cholera Spreading in Haiti Now?

Quake threat looms over Haiti

Readings for Jay’s class, week 2

Stressed out cattle and elk?

When campaign spending is anonymous, reality gets slippery


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