Best of October

I posted 75 times in October.

We have made the first announcement – What will ScienceOnline2011 be? and you can try to get a travel grant: Blog about evolution, come to ScienceOnline2011!. Also see ScienceOnline2010 – interview with Anne Jefferson.

Two interviews in October – The recording of the Skeptically Speaking show about Science Journalism is now available online and Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour 68: Taking Science Online (video).

Science? I edited and republished an old post: Why are dinosaur fossils’ heads turned up and back? (repost)

The series of interviews with people who are leaders in the science blogging community continues: Scienceblogging: – a Q&A with Mark Hahnel, Scienceblogging: SciBlogs NZ – a Q&A with Peter Griffin, Scienceblogging: LabSpaces – a Q&A with Brian Krueger, Scienceblogging: The Lay Scientist (and The Guardian) – a Q&A with Martin Robbins, Scienceblogging: Field of Science – a Q&A with Edward Michaud and Scienceblogging: Scientopia – a Q&A with SciCurious and Mark Chu-Carroll.

My brother will have his book published soon – you can pre-order Serbian Dreambook: National Imaginary in the Time of Milošević

I saw ‘Social Network’, the movie and wrote a brief review.

The BlogTogether Birthday Bash was awesome.