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What a day – essentially 12 hours of continuous work (with a short break to go and vote), mainly trying to keep the incoming e-mails instantly dealt with (answered, deleted, forwarded, etc.) as I will be on the road over the next few days and will have very little time to do anything!

We all need (a little bit of) sex

Unboxed Media Hits The Road

How Amazon Speeds Up Economics Experiments

Farve, Martinis, and Science Cheerleaders on ESPN’s TMQ.

Escape the Silos: How the press can help rebuild the American conversation

Waking sleeping bacteria

Follow the “Truthy” Tweets to Find Twitter’s Political Spammers

Why isn’t science doing better under Obama?

Gaaah!!! Nature!: Entomological Dismemberment edition

The fattest ape: An evolutionary tale of human obesity

Fall science fare

Geoengineering faces ban

Four questions for Republicans…and four answers for undecided voters

Why You Should Start a Company in… Raleigh-Durham

Baby Dolphin Survival Depends on Mom’s Friends

Just 3 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes to go

Adapt or Die: Rebooting Science Journalism


Profitable Freelancing

Making the most of a medical conference

Intro Post: Ferris Jabr


Are Fennecs Foxes?

Bigfoot Sighting

Designing For Life

The Eyes Have It

Cultivating Hope

Do mummies have a right to privacy?

Written in Stone and on the Page, Brian Switek’s new book on the fossil record

Protecting whose copyright?

Motorcycle tablecloth trick: could it be done?

Did Wee Little Sauropods Stand Up to Run?

Crime of the century

Kira Cochrane on role models for young women

The Tea Party explained

If presenting a claim on a popular issue …

Circus of the Spineless No. 56

MolBiol Carnival #04

ScienceOnline2010 – interview with Marla Broadfoot

How bats find water and why metal confuses them

Things we said today

Richard Smith on editors’ conflicts of interest

Recognizing Spatial Intelligence

Parallel Lives and Field Studies Reveal Strong Postmating Isolation between Ecologically Divergent Butterfly Populations

Making Marine Life Count: A New Baseline for Policy

Flying Can Be a Greener Choice Than Driving

How Justin Long Affably, Reasonably Ended An Internet Flamewar

Sanity, Iraq, and Jon Stewart’s “view from nowhere”

Zombie Atwater

Best Rally Sign Ever



Local Food, Nutrition, Hunger and Bacteria: Science Cafés Focus on Food Safety and Security

Dog Tired: What Mutts Can Teach Us about Self-Control

Nice Germs Finish Last: “Good Samaritan” Bacteria Provide New Clues in Antibiotic Resistance

‘Balloon head’ dolphin discovered

Study of Facebook Users Connects Narcissism and Low Self-Esteem

Festival of the Trees: Edition 53

The Publishing Partisans — Conservatives, Reformers, and Upstarts

A friendly and anxious mouse

Help a science teacher, o mighty hive-mind


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