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The weather is too nice to sit inside too much. And there is ScienceOnline2011 program to finalize. But you can read these links if you want.

This is an experiment – a cross-post between SciAm Guest Blog and ScienceInTheTriangle blog: Science Cafe spreads understanding of bacteria over beers and Science Cafe spreads understanding of bacteria over beers

From YouTube to TV to Hollywood and Back: A Mini Science Film Festival

I’m not a real scientist, and that’s okay

Dragonfly Wars: Time to start blogging again

Living with wolves

Great Migrations blog carnival round 2

ScienceOnline2011 (in Italian)

On science blogs this week: About time (See also)

Journalism in the age of data

What Bloggers Owe Montaigne

I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Scare You.

Friday Weird Science: fMRI and Female Orgasm, that’s SO been done.

Climate change reports

DOUBLE Brainbows (all the way)

The five most important beats for a local newspaper or website

Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O’Reilly and the death of real news aka Ted Koppel: Get Off My Lawn

New Rules for Media Ethics

Serious Fun With Numbers: We’re drowning in data, but few reporters know how to use them

This Week in Review: An objectivity object lesson, a paywall is panned, and finding the blogger’s voice

Press Pass Problems: Cetacean Society’s decision to deny a reporter raises questions about access

Let us ask again – what is journalistic objectivity?

Newsweek Site to Shut Down

Carolinas’ ‘water war’ resolved

Kindle 3: e-book readers come of age

Did you invent RSS? and How I almost invented RSS

More attractive waitresses get more tips – “Well no shit, Sherlock” science

My Grandson The Rock

Maddow Interviews Stewart

New lizard species discovered – on a restaurant menu

Why iPad Magazine Apps Suck: They’re Defined By The Past, Not The Future

The algae’s accent

The banality of Facebook

Daniel Radcliffe sings “The Elements”

How does an anthropological perspective contribute to our understanding of birth control? Part II

The U.S. Constitution as celebrity

The Open Dinosaur Project is back in business!

Post-Tea-Party Nation

Snowmass bone ID’d as that of rare species of sloth

Deficit commission proposes axing commercial spaceflight without knowing what it is


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