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Busy day behind, busy day ahead – good night!

ScienceOnline2011 update. There are two Twitter lists of all #scio11 attendees: List 1 and List 2.

TSA encounter at SAN and Flier Patience Wears Thin at Checkpoints and Airline Passenger Refuses to Be Groped by Security; Becomes a Folk Hero

The Poisoner’s Calendar

Gotz and Meyer

Paleo Project Challenge Check-In

The 6 Most Insane Moral Panics in American History


Four Ways to Indulge Techno-Lust that Salve a Green Conscience

A Non-Math Friday…

Alcoholic energy drinks

Can the Republicans Repeal Health Reform?

Chemical Cartography

In the Footsteps of Giants

The 5 Strangest Things Evolution Left in Your Body

Jurassic Park Watch: Little, Super-Cute, Real Baby Dinosaurs

The “data baby” meets disco diatoms

What madness will the NY Times take seriously next?

As online journalism evolves, Post needs to share its standards

NY Times Editor on the ‘Beauty’ of Readers’ Ignorance

Who Teens Blame for Bullying and “Bullying” Has Little Resonance with Teenagers

Some parasites decide working with their host is more their style

Keeping ‘em alive

Pass the Twigs, Please – Toothwear Indicates the Variety of Chalicothere Diets

Laughing with your Mouth Open Sounds Best

How to Build the Supergrid

Nieman Lab founder Joshua Benton on the future of journalism

The Politics Of Zoning Out

So you want to get a PhD in physics?

Grief myths

10 centuries of European history and geography in 5 minutes

Tutorial 10: how to become a palaeontologist

Tutorial 9: how to get copies of academic papers

Book review: Sliceforms

Can biotechnology be used to enhance the sustainability of our farms? Dont forget to vote

The 10 Commandments of Helping Students Distinguish Science from Pseudoscience in Psychology

Irony on the internet

Making religion of economics

Last Ride – Detroit, circa 1927

A wider angle on the picture used by 9 front pages this week: inevitably

Project Dryptosaurus

Bluefin tuna hit hard by ‘Deepwater Horizon’ disaster

The inferiority of ‘beasts’

One Minute Physics: What is Gravity? (Level 1)

PubMed® Author ID Project – Why? ORCID is just fine – why duplicate effort, confuse people?

WSJ’s Obama-shakeup overreach: Why I think the paper’s wrong, and why it matters

Is a Wandering Mind an Unhappy One?

A Nighttime Epiphany on Sea Level

Balanced Arguments Are More Persuasive


What Data Visualization Should Do: Simple Small Truth

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says

Understanding the culture of the disciplines

Writing Class for Health Professionals Coming in January

WeekendProject: Invasive Species Coloring Sheets!

Invaluable Lessons in Book Marketing

It’s nothing personal, it’s just that my brain is bigger than yours

Edward Tufte auctions off his library


Spidey Battles Doc Ock…at Brookhaven?

How to win elections by changing beliefs in God

The Gravity of Numbers

CC Talks With: Robert Cook-Deegan of the Center for Genomics at Duke

What It’s Like to Live in a Science Museum for a Month

Deliberately Unsustainable Business Models

The critic Thomas Frank misled the readers of Harpers about my interview with Demand Media’s CEO. And when I say “misled” I am being polite.

What happened here? The remains of a corpse.

The Times’ Paywall and Newsletter Economics

The Shadow Scholar

Numbers Are Hard To Come By: What journalists write when they encounter a known unknown.

Save The Words

Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

Earth Journalism Toolkit

Science Writers 2010

Science Online 2011

Leading Questions: How some journalism terms were born

Rfam: Wikipedia, clans and the “decimal” release

Wanted: Researchers interested in damaged brain regions

Your Sunday fix of recent oil spill news

Politics As The Continuation Of War By Other Means

Elucidating the molecular circadian clock

Dirty jobs? Try being a veterinarian

Travel to the South Pole: Waiting it out on the Antarctic Riviera

Stegosaurs Walked Like Sauropods

Scientia Pro Publica #45

Genes for autism or genes for connectivity?

Michelangelo’s David as It Was Meant to Be Seen

Unexpected Horned Dinosaur Reveals Complex Evolutionary Pattern

English Libel laws: they matter to you too

How Fish Disappear

Sex differences in visual attention to sexually explicit videos: a preliminary study.

Online Advertising’s Missing Link

Facebook tipped to unveil new email service to rival Gmail

Научная журналистика – ScienceOnline2011

Jay Rosen comments on Rachel Maddow’s interview with Jon Stewart

Gruesome Graphic Labels

Print Book Sales Fall, E-Book Sales Rise, and E-Books Will Soon Join the New York Times Bestseller List

Quirky things that animals and people do

The Iguanodon explosion: How scientists are rescuing the name of a “classic” ornithopod dinosaur, part 1

The science of music, from rock to Bach

These super snakes don’t need a mate

Robert Scoble breaks an embargo, and apologizes for it

Social Cognition in a Non-Social Reptile? Gaze-Following in Red-Footed Tortoises

Open-and-Shut Case: Do Open-Access Journals Enhance Scientific Progress? (read the comments, rather than the article)

Evolutionary Trees from the Tabloids and Beyond

Eleven Scientists Who Survived the School of Rock–One Year Later

Does science hide in narrative?

Evolution and the citizen: Your thoughts?

Gotta Get A Guid

How A New Probe May Save Your Life (Or, At Least, Your Bridge)

Not so fast … what’s so ‘premature’ about premature ejaculation?

From 1918 Autopsy, A First Glimpse of Sickle Cell — and a Warning

Josh Marshall on TPM’s first 10 years (and its next 10) and How TPM Got Started

What Jon Stewart Meant to Tell Rachel Maddow

The first submissions to the 2010 blogging contest are coming in!

Here’s The Vending Machine That Recommends Drinks Based On Facial Recognition

Triumph of the Cretins

Beyond The Light Switch

Tweeting Students Earn Higher Grades Than Others in Classroom Experiment

OK to GO: Rehabilitating Awesome


Was Tycho Brahe poisoned? 16th-century astronomer exhumed–again

UNC researchers help explore alternate route to a HIV vaccine

Gulf Shrimpers Wonder: “Are We Next on the Extinction List?

Butchered or trampled? Gloves come off in bone mark debate

Facebook Unveils Its Messaging System—Just Don’t Call It Email

Feeling The Future: Is Precognition Possible?

Facebook for Faculty

DC Comics celebrates a superhero milestone

I Finally Got a Kindle and I Love It but I Am Scared of Fascism

Review: Written in Stone

Irremediable Complexity – Science piece

The Dags of War: Basic Science in the Debate on Shark Finning

Is Florida Mammoth the Tip of the Iceberg?

Fish on (your) hormones

Research proposal ramblings – Eukaryotic cellular evolution

Urea and Shark Osmoregulation

Great Migrations: Tracing Birds, Bats, Butterflies, Bumblebees

Large Size Didn’t Keep Pterosaurs Grounded

Artful Presentation Styles at the NASW/CASW Meeting

Big sturgeon, a grad student, an estuary, and conservation science.

Is Daily Beast really losing $10 million a year?

ZOMG! This is a joke, right? Internet bloggers’ uncrafted output completely self-serving


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