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Another day with lots of amazing stuff:

Developing a scientific worldview: why it’s hard and what we can do

Building a Better Explainer: Help Us Out

What do you mean by “jargon,” anyway?

Has science blogging affected your career?

Long Live the Web

How to Place a Story? Survey finds top environmental newsmakers still target traditional media

Key to Culture Change: Unlock the Middle

Visualizing Enlightenment-Era Social Networks – Why Mark Zuckerberg has nothing on Voltaire.

Twins in Apparent Suicide Pact; Which One Survived? – DNA identical, parents must ID which one died.

Thinking like an octopus

Should Objectivity Still Be The Standard In News?

Sharks gone walkabout – how Australian great whites ended up in the Mediterranean

CNN: Do tweets change your behavior?

“Your map’s wrong”: Zuckerberg lights out for the territories

Genetic Discrimination: The Best Reason for Universal Healthcare You’ve Never Heard Of

Jet Lag Makes Hamsters Dumb

EnterSerbia – Collection of stories and photos about Serbia and Serbian culture

Is salmon farming bad for the oceans?

Do 80 percent of Scientific American subscribers deny global warming? Hardly

How do you hear the sea in a shell?

Coding Early Naturalists’ Accounts into Long-Term Fish Community Changes in the Adriatic Sea (1800–2000)

Light switches on the brain

Rates of Scientific Fraud Retractions and An excellent example of either crappy science reporting or crappy science …

Rock Stars of Science Is BACK.

Improving Scientific Literacy… or Charlie Chaplin Movies as Science Fiction? Really?

New Podcast: The fetal origins of later obesity

Defending the liberal arts education

Be as longwinded as you like, just don’t expect funding

The Real Difference Between ‘Republican’ TV and ‘Democratic’ Shows? How They Portray Identity

Scientists posing with Rock stars….. nice on paper, but in pictures

Conservatives, Revelation And The Scientific Process: The Way Of Science: Revelation With Errata Sheets

Report from the South Pole: Week 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Reviewing Life Lessons

Cyber Wolves in (Fire)Sheep Clothing

Migrating Monarch Butterflies Hunker Down in Monterey

The Money Gap in the Climate Fight

Is the Kindle Worth It?

Dinosaur Comics Stampede

Enough of science and of art

How do you really know what time it is?

Cyanobacterial neurotoxin evolved billions of years ago

Buzz Kill: FDA Cracks Down on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

A walk of fame for George the robot

The Universe on Ice

Does Serbia need a brand?

Crowdsourced Fact-Checking? What We Learned from Truthsquad

Making your study public before you start can be fun

An Analysis of Preliminary and Post-Discussion Priority Scores for Grant Applications Peer Reviewed by the Center for Scientific Review at the NIH

An argument for boosting federal funding for energy research

Bill Nye and the “Bystander Effect” – Don’t blame Twitter, it’s psychology

The Ghostwriter Behind Student Papers

TSA Defends New Screening Procedures

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

Stop teaching calculating, start teaching math: Conrad Wolfram TED talk

Don’t leave it to the experts: Why scientists have a few people to thank!

In which @jennyrohn and @MargaretAtwood correspond on Twitter for an overall WIN!

Grand Rounds Visits Doctor Who

“What were you thinking? Do not manipulate those data”

Four Loko for locos

Top 48 ads that would never be allowed today

Alison Bass, your Mayberg facts are wrong, wrong, wrong

The Brain Is Ready for Its Close-Up

The Tories vs The Republicans

Clock affects RNA splicing

What Can Dolphins Tell Us About The Evolution of Friendship?

Sexual selection: Do females follow fads?

A stunning year in climate science reveals that human civilization is on the precipice

Does light control your mood?

The Favorite Flower of Linnaeus

Is music cognition?

Are big brains better for long trips in bats?

Magazine That Plagarized Blogger’s Article to Fold

Cheer for rapist or else, appellate court rules

Bjorn Lomborg’s mostly unoriginal, kind-of-dishonest new movie is worth thinking about anyway

Introducing a network for online local news publishers

Older but Not Wiser? The Psychology Behind Seniors’ Susceptibility to Scams

The Physics Of Sex eBook now available

Blind mice can see where they run

PLoS Currents: new section on phylogenetic analyses

Journalism school lecturer resigns after ‘inappropriate relationship’ with student

The Grandeur of Glory

Link Dump for the Rock Stars of Science campaign

Croatian Science and University Legislation Ignites ‘Stormy’ Debate

Facebook data center heads to N.C.

NESCent evo-blogging update

Nobel prize committee under fire for this year’s graphene award

Rock Stars of Science, part deux: coming to a GQ near you and Rock Stars of Science

The Flush Tracker Does Exactly What You’d Expect

Why I Eat Lion and Other Exotic Meats

The Hidden Costs of Extra Airport Security

Forgotten Dreams?

Up in the Air — Suspending Ethical Medical Practice

Endless Forms Most Viral and http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2010/11/18/i-am-virus-%E2%80%93-animal-genomes-contain-more-fossil-viruses-than-ever-expected/ and Your inner viruses: the trickle becomes the flood

How to Become a Typography Ninja in Five Easy Steps

The physics of zero calorie ice cream

When it comes to immunity, plants and animals are much alike

Surprising study finds humongous drinks have more alcohol!

Putting their lives on the line: Meningitis in first responders

Should the Human Microbiome Be Considered When Developing Vaccines?

This Week’s Cool Biology Job: Sea Otter Population Ecologist

Inequality Aversion

Uncertainty for Mere Mortals


Yikes on The Shadow Scholar, teaching etc.

200 students admit cheating after professor’s online rant and Professor Richard Quinn responds to exam cheats

Tiger Tips for Reporters

Joining the dots: Epigenetics, Plasticity and the Circadian Clock


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