Two divine posts on the SciAm Guest Blog

Yes, two posts on the Guest Blog today, nicely fitting together.

In the first post, Forgotten Dreams? posted last night, Lawrence Krauss wonders poetically about the beauty of understanding the natural world, and how supernatural explanations are impoverished in comparison.

In the second post, Divine intervention via a microbe posted this morning, James Byrne provides one just such example – the scientific explanation for a strange natural phenomenon is much, much more interesting, complex, weird and beautiful than the simplistic divine interpretation.

Go read them both and comment (registration is super-simple: name, e-mail, click)


2 responses to “Two divine posts on the SciAm Guest Blog

  1. Actually, registration is not that simple — there’s also the wait-an-indefinite-period-for-a-confirmation-email stage, during which I am guessing most people lose interest, or at least forget what comment there were planning to make.

    The ScienceBlogs approach to commenting — just fill in your name and address — is actually much quicker and easier, especially for drive-by commenting. It might seem inefficient to enter that information every time you comment, but in practice most web-browsers fill it in for you.

  2. It appears that the confirmation e-mail never comes…but the password you entered at registration immediately works. Will have to check – it’s a strange piece of software….