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Long Live the Web

Geology History in Caricatures: Dr. M. in extasies at the approach of his pet Saurian

Discovering the Lost World: The use of primordial prehistory in movies

Bad College Websites are Hurting Higher Education

A libel guide for bloggers

The anatomy of Zilla, the TriStar ‘Godzilla’

Hey, Dit Dots! A Coastal N.C. Vocabulary Quiz

A new breed of journalist fits right in at Forbes

Talk Science to Me: The Next Rock SOS Link Dump

The Potter studies at UNC and Quidditch comes to Chapel Hill

OH YES! YES!! YES!!! The Carnal Carnival is HERE!!

How inactive are today’s kids?

Happy World Toilet Day, an international campaign to raise public awareness about…well, toilets

MIND Reviews How Many Friends Does One Person Need?

This Week in Review: The future of NewsBeast, Facebook Messages, and Yahoo doubles down on content

Health “Halos” Con Calorie Counters: When it comes to counting calories, a mind is a terrible thing to your waist

How do we criticize scientists without feeding the anti-science frenzy?

Follow the Money to See Real Communities and Follow the Money: Human Mobility and Effective Communities

And the Winner Is… – “…social media make a dramatic difference in determining how much attention a blog post gets…”

The Actor’s Memory: An Interview with Ken Baumann

Trees Infused With Glowing Nanoparticles Could Replace Streetlights

Nurses’ Role in the Future of Health Care

On science blogs this week: Brainy

Global Fisheries in Decline

New York State Begins Planning for Sea Level Rise

Trust Is A Must

Heat Exhaustion: Has the Adelie Penguin Met Its Match?

The Cognitive Cost Of Expertise

This week’s embargo breaks, celebrity edition: Facebook causes asthma, NRC Gulf oil spill report

NY Times Reveals Shocking Fact About Deficits and GDP Growth: Implications for the ‘Solvency’ of Social Security

Johann Hari: The religious excuse for barbarity

A presumption of guilt makes people angry

Four Loko and Our Irrational Fear of Cognitive Enhancement and Four Loko flies off the shelves and FDA banning Mokie-Koke

Scientific worldview = BS detectors + AWESOME

Time to Take Action on Climate Communication

Covering a crisis more like molasses than quicksand

Can the party of Reagan accept the science of climate change? and Republican Rep. Bob Inglis Blasts GOP For Denying Global Warming

Sound Bytes: Links and Tips For Life Science Marketing & Social Media 11/18/2010

Big Pterosaurs Really Did Fly: Interview with Mark Witton

DOWN ON THE (CONTENT) FARM: Here’s Why I Would Never Invest In Demand Media

Feministing Friday: Why female orgasm matters to women & men

Moving the eyes but not looking – why do we do it?



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