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Nights are getting cold, but days are still beautiful. Why sit inside?

Giants’ Shoulders #29: Esoteric Science Special

Galileo’s great bluff and part of the reason why Kuhn is wrong.

How to Philosophize About the Business and Bureaucracy of Science

Jay Rosen of PressThink.org Explains Fox News to You (video)

Scientific mind: Sunset boy trying to get labs for inventors

Don’t Tread on My Junk: How Republicans learned to hate the TSA all over again. and New York, Orlando join anti-TSA rebellion, TSA mounts PR effort and TSA Changes Its Mind on Security Rules—for Pilots and TSA forced NC breast cancer survivor to remove prosthesis and How Do Body Scanners Work? and TSA Backscatter X-ray Backlash and Lone TSA Twitter Account Fights Entire Internet and Security and Terrorism Expert Bruce Schneier: TSA Scans “Won’t Catch Anybody”

NONE DARE CALL IT SABOTAGE…. and The Liberal Noise Machine and Virtuous Sabotage

Questionable Science Behind Academic Rankings

What are the chances of getting hit by a falling pine cone?

Education of a Meerkat Kidnapper

Calorie Counters, Stand Tall

Partying, Drinking Beer, and Siring Civilization

Science metaphor (sort of): sigma & faith

Visualizing Sustainability

Oryx and Crake

Maya Shoemaker – an incredible medical illustrator.

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Body Juices

The Science Behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal

Garco the Robot Retires (1961)

A case of trying to be hip while breaking a hip and Rock Stars Vs Cheerleaders

ODI: Soothing Sound Inspired by Nature

The future of libraries is what we create in the present

What is a DOI? Just the basics

Seek and ye shall find (friends online)

Smoking Vampires

Romeo and Juliet


Bem’s ESP research……

Maybe some of us need a little bit of sex

More on women in veterinary medicine

How to learn how to ultrasound a dog

The Battle Between Thoughts and Emotions in Persuasion

The Tree of Science: How do you know whether a scientific idea is a good one or not?

The Limits of Neuroplasticity

Is female orgasm adaptive? Let’s ask the clitoris.

Tetrabothrius sp. – tapeworm recovered from the intestine of an Andrews’ Beak Whale

The Terror of the Cambrian: Not So Terrifying

Storing DNA

We Shouldn’t Give Theists the Benefit of Darwin’s Doubt

What is the deal with Academic Conferences, anyway?

Deserts, tectonics, erosion and natural beauty

Tesla Mad Lib

It’ll make you laugh; it’ll make you cry. It’s…Science!!!

Control A Computer with Your Brain, And Look Good Doing It

The Physics of Global Warming

Tales from the Industry XXXIII: Sometimes I Say No

Unearthening Old Data: Darwin was Indeed Correct About Earthworm Behavior

The Darwinian Tourist

Space food: recreating an authentic space experience on Earth. A review of The Astronaut’s Cookbook.

The sky is falling: How Skylab became an Australian icon

Mangling Science

Cholera hits the US and Cholera in Illinois’ American Bottoms Region, 1849

Bodyworld: the Artography of Fernando Vicente

How the West Wasn’t Won: Powell’s Water-based States

Evolving Together: Human Interference Not ALL Bad and Question: Are conservation efforts trying to stop evolution?

Are the Crying Spells of John Boehner Signs of Depression? – highly speculative. Thoughts?

Around the web: male behavior

Measles can kill

Love intestines, but hate the smell of poop? Add coriander!

How Spot.Us Doubled Its Grant Money with Community-Focused Ads

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Ranger Rick’s Dinosaur Book

This is no Picnic – Seasonal Migration of American Black Bears is a Complicated Business

Connecting Minds to Science

Science in Comics: the Fantastic Four on Octopus Intelligence

Book Review: The Wolf’s Tooth

The Brain: The “Router” in Your Head—a Bottleneck of Processing

The science of Harry Potter!

Desk Guide for Covering Science, and academic conferences

Sibelius 6 – Want!

Dance, Blogger, Dance!

Suppose we were to transplant your brain…

On applying to graduate school

Is The Good Book A Good Guide In The Climate Change Debate?

Fishing for metrics

Movie Soundtracks Mimic Primordial Sounds of Animal Distress

Transparency in peer review

Dire messages about global warming can backfire, new study shows

Complex amphibian responses to past climate change

Roll over eggs…it’s time for (unrolled) tobacco leaves

Win a million dollars with maths, No. 2: the P v NP problem

On the The Reckless Physicking of Amateur Females. – Was Florence Nightingale a supporter of homeopathy? Homeopaths appear to think so, but the truth is, as always, far more subtle and interesting.

Alan Rusbridger: Why Twitter matters for media organisations

Should the public participate in preparing cadavers for students?

Gregory Petsko seems like a really cool dude

Interesting new blog: eResearch

The weird evolutionary story of cranberries


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