Are you going to listen to someone today?

Yesterday was the day for giving Thanks. Today is the day for Listening.

Last night, we had the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Anton and his lovely family. Today, we should all sit down with someone and listen to their story. Perhaps write it down or record it for posterity.

So today, I would like to re-listen to my Mother’s story. For those of you who may have missed it the first time around, here it is, in five parts:

Memories of War, Part I
Memories of War, Part II
Memories of War, Part III
Memories of War, Part IV
Memories of War, Part V


One response to “Are you going to listen to someone today?

  1. Thank you for sharing your mother’s story. Today especially, I am very glad that my father took the time to write his story for us some years ago. I had hoped to record his voice while visiting with my parents this holiday weekend but I may be too late. I urge everyone who can to record your family’s stories while their memories and voices are still strong.