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Happy Thanksgiving!

Why Doesn’t Anyone Pay Attention Anymore?

Science of Blogging: introducing a new venture and Why all scientists should blog: a case study and Scientists: Publicizing your research gets you cited more often and How building your online social network may affect your offline social life and Thanks and Future Direction: SoB Vlog 01

On jargon, and why it matters in science writing and Experimenting with science blogging, jargon and.. parents

The Web Turns 20: Social Machines Redesign Democracy, Part 2 of 4 and The Web Turns 20: Free Bandwidth Connects the Masses, Part 3 of 4

ScienceOnline2011: Lodging information update and Map and Accommodation and Transportation

A Little Bit of a Famous Mammoth

In praise of contradiction

Want to try a Heritage Turkey?

Taking a Break — The Reasoning Behind a Speaker’s Circuit Sabbatical

Carnival of Space #178

A/B testing for headlines: Now available for WordPress

Studio 20 Students Push a Variety of Envelopes with Media Partners

Wind Tunnel Tests Reveal Pterosaurs Could Soar for Hours

Female fish – and humans? – lose interest when their male loses a slugfest, Stanford researchers say

A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy One

Short and round and poor

Swarm Intelligence in Animal Groups: When Can a Collective Out-Perform an Expert?

Power from pondscum: Algal biofuels

Afterdamp in New Zealand

Anatomy of a journalistic smear job

Martin Robbins: “Science Is Cool, You Idiot! Wait, Wait, Don’t Walk Away…”

The Emerging—and Diverging—Countries of Africa

Libel tourism is a public health risk and English Libel laws: they matter to you too and SPEECH Act of 2010

Turkey talk: The social cognition of your Thanksgiving dinner

Science podcast for kids, by a kid

‘Disease, Disaster and Despair’? The Presentation of Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries on Australian Television

Arsenic and Tom Turkey

Content Curation: It’s Going to Be HUGE

The Grown Ups Have Arrived on the TSA Story and They Want Us All to Grow Up.

How birds see magnetic fields – an interview with Klaus Schulten and Magnetovision: Birds’ seventh sense revealed

Sir Hans Sloane’s Correspondence Online

Evolution and Mechanism of Spectral Tuning of Blue-Absorbing Visual Pigments in Butterflies

NASW Update, Nov. 24, 2010

How Investigative Journalism Is Prospering in the Age of Social Media

On Thanksgiving, Smaller Plates for Larger Palates

Onlooker – Google Maps picture of the person taking a picture of the Google Maps car, and his picture as well.

NASW sponsors Student Travel Fellowships to AAAS

A Yale Forum Two-Part Special Feature:
Scientists and Journalists on ‘Lessons Learned’ (Pt. 1)
and A Yale Forum Two-Part Special Feature:
Scientists and Journalists on ‘Lessons Learned’ (Pt. 2)

Ontogeny of Numerical Abilities in Fish

Poultry Slam

Social bibliographies and collaborative reading: you’re doing it wrong

SHARP: A Tale of Two Press Releases

Diaspora: Private Alpha Invites Going Out Today

The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved

Women’s bust size and men’s courtship solicitation

U.S. Government Puts Offshore Wind on Fast Track

Atlantic Cod, Global Fisheries Decline, ‘Written in Stone’ – PRI World-Science podcast.

Let’s Talk Turkey! – SciAm podcast.

Beware ‘Imbibing Idiot Bias’

Jay Rosen of PressThink Explains Why He Loves Watching Rachel Maddow

Statistical methods for detecting and comparing periodic data and their application to the nycthemeral rhythm of bodily harm: A population based study

Navigating by the (dead) stars

There’s more to a story than facts and figures

Epiphany from up high: Can a suburban family live sustainably?

My response: Conservation holding back evolution? and Are conservation efforts stopping evolution?


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