Brief update

Apparently I did not pay for my online access, hope to have that resolved over the next few days, will get online for a few hours per day at La Vita Dolce cafe, will be offline at nights. Ugh – that will hurt! Bu I may get caught up on book reading….

I spent the day yesterday at the W.M.Keck Center for Behavioral Biology Alumni Symposium at NCSU. It was great to see again my colleagues from grad school days, see what they are up to these days. Many are now postdocs or faculty, doing interesting research. Others are doing other science-related activities, from science education experts to pharma sales-representatives to NIH grant officers. They all love Open Access and PLoS but most need a Big Update on the Web and blogging and social networking etc., and perhaps I can help them in the future in some way as I am local. I may also ask some of them to write something up for the SciAm Guest Post soon.


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