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Below, lots more on the Arsenic-gate and WikiLeaks-gate and other gates:

The Wrong Stuff: NASA Dismisses Arsenic Critique Because Critical Priest Not Standing on Altar and NASA: science shouldn’t be debated in media and blogs?! and Not getting it and “This Paper Should Not Have Been Published”: Scientists see fatal flaws in the NASA study of arsenic-based life. and Unquestioning dogma: the gatekeepers of science and Death for “Arsenic-Based Life”? and My summary of NASA’s arsenic-thriving bacteria story and Arsenic and Bacteria: “nothing in that paper is going into my biochemistry textbook” and Why was #PLoS ONE blamed for the media hype about the Darwinius and Red Sea papers, but when it comes to the latest overblown #Science paper, it is #NASA that’s blamed for the hype? (same applies to Venter’s synthetic life: Venter gets the blame not Science) and Heavy Metal and And the skeptics keep chiming in…George Cody on arsenic life and NASA discovers life on Earth and Extraordinary claims attract extraordinary blogging and The Value of Blogs and Ordinary evidence would do and [guest post: Alex Bradley, PhD] Arsenate-based DNA: a big idea with big holes and On how science happens – Case Study: NASA, Arsenic, and Controversy and Is That Arsenic-Loving Bug — Formerly an Alien — a Dog?

Not such wicked leaks and WikiLeaks And Web Tracking: Will Secrecy And Privacy Ever Be The Same? and Wikileaks: Power shifts from secrecy to transparency and Wikileaks and the Long Haul and How Has WikiLeaks Managed to Keep Its Web Site Up and Running? and “See the problem isn’t that WikiLeaks is lying, the problem is that they’re telling the truth” and WikiLeaks on the run and The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange and The Blueprint and Columbia University Reverses Anti-WikiLeaks Guidance and Wikileaks Now Mirrored at 500 Sites Around Globe and British Court Denies Bail to Assange in Sex Inquiry and So, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Again? and Wikileaks’ Assange May be TIME’s Person of the Year and Rebooting the News #75 and Wikileaked Santa

Photos stored in camera for 68 years – Pearl Harbour Bombing

Foreclosure Is Not an Option

Not all species interactions are (co)evolved equal

Multiple paternity: A tale of two baby daddies

Academic purgatory: Papers withdrawn before they’re “officially” published

Eric Umansky and NYU’s Jay Rosen Discuss Explanatory Journalism Project

Whiz kid lures investors, hires team for startup

Clay Shirky Joins Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institue

Volts and Vespa: Buzzing about Photoelectric Wasps

Trust has no place in science and The role of trust in science

Cities at Their Best and Worst and The Future of Cities and Feeding the Hungry Cities: Backyard Chickens, Rooftop Gardens, and Vertical Farming

Sex and math: You can integrate my curves any day

Sedentary Physiology Part 2 – Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?

Single gene creates snake-resistant mirror-image snails, and maybe some new species

How long is a cell, and why?

Game theory and Obama’s mistake

Pending U.S. Food Safety Bill Promises More Accountability–Backed by Science

Privacy, Google, and the Reading Public

The Milky Way Project

Vote for Extreme Biology for the Best Class Edublog 2010 – The Edublog Awards

Climate Change Challenges Circadian Clocks

8 Tips on Starting a Science Blog

Blood from Stone: How Fossils Can Preserve Soft Tissue

Internet Summit 10 – Speaker Presentations

Bayesian Fundamentalism or Enlightenment?

DARPA: The Department of Mad Scientists

Can you defame someone with a hyperlink?

The Flying Snake Portion of your Dissertation Work…

Elizabeth Edwards’s Cancer Spreads and Elizabeth Edwards Posts Apparent Goodbye Message

Come spend a year at Harvard! Deadline for int’l applications for Nieman Fellowships approaching

Kate Moss should not take horny goat weed

A meeting of biology and anthropology

End of saga on (not)free access to information in Washington NC: drafting and This paint has been tasting of lead! and conclude.

London Natural History Museum: The Central Hall & Tree Gallery and London Natural History Museum: The Blue Whale and Class of 2014 Visits the Darwin Center at the London Natural History Museum

Shark Week at Extreme Biology! A Conversation with David Shiffman

Prolific Science Bloggers 2.0

Sentiment in Twitter events

Is Coal Here to Stay?

Evolution of a Science Journalist

How to stop a hurricane (good luck, by the way)

Paleontology: Beyond Bone-Hunting

Basel Declaration defends animal research

Social Networking (The Shorter Version): Past, Present, Future

She’s growing models of human skin

New tobacco curing method taps the sun’s power

Register Citizen to move office, open Newsroom Cafe

Monday Series: “In the guise of a friend:” The Eugenics Gaze of “Alexander the Aggressor”

Scientia Pro Publica #47

The astronomer prince of Samarkand

Physician, Heal Thyself: Medical Ghostwriting Uncovered in a Clinical Textbook

Half Full, or Half Empty? Well, That Depends on the Shape of the Glass.

Videos for education majors

Blogging Beyond the PDF

The Future of Advertising

How some politicians stumble on science

Of mice and mood


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