ScienceOnline2011 – introducing the participants

As I do every year, I will do a series of posts introducing attendees/participants of ScienceOnline2011. You can find them all on the list, but it may help if you get them in smaller chunks, focusing on a few at a time.

Brian Switek is a freelance science writer and a paleontology research associate at the New Jersey State Museum. He has written articles on paleontology for a variety of popular and academic publications – from the London Times to Evolution: Education and Outreach – and he presently blogs at WIRED Science’s Laelaps and Smithsonian magazine’s Dinosaur Tracking. His first book – Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and Our Place in Nature – has just been published by Bellevue Literary Press. I interviewed Brian twice: in 2008 and just last month so you can see how much his life has changed in the meantime.

Martin Robbins is a scientist and writer. He blogs at The Guardian, runs The Lay Science group blog and he tweets as @mjrobbins. And I interviewed him recently.

Kaitlin Thaney, formerly of Science Commons, is the Manager of External Partnerships at Macmillan. She blogs at Kay and tweets as @kaythaney.

Danica Radovanovic is a Social Web researcher and practitioner based in Oxford, UK. She can be found blogging at Digital Serendipities and tweeting as @DanicaR. I interviewed Danica last year.

Lou Woodley is the Product Manager at the Nature Publishing Group which means she runs the blogs and the Nature Network Blogs where she blogs at Of Schemes and Memes. On Twitter, she is @LouWoodley.

Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove is a scientist and artist in Winston Salem, NC. She teaches biology at Forsyth Technical Community College. See my interview with Tanja here.

Djordje Jeremic, Tatjana’s son, is also an artist. He is a student at North Forsyth High School and he blogs at Paper Disciple’s Blog. I interviewed Djordje last year.

James Hrynyshyn is a Freelance Consultant and journalist in Saluda, NC. He blogs on Class M and tweets as @hrynyshyn. James did a Q&A for my blog back in 2008.

Ivan Oransky is the Executive Editor at Reuters Health and teaches medical journalism at New York University’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program. He writes on two blogs – Embargo Watch and Retraction Watch – and tweets as @ivanoransky. Read Ivan’s blog interview here.


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