ScienceOnline2011 – introducing the participants

As I do every year, I will do a series of posts introducing attendees/participants of ScienceOnline2011. You can find them all on the list, but it may help if you get them in smaller chunks, focusing on a few at a time.

Holly Tucker is an Associate Professor of both French and the History of Medicine at Vanderbilt University. She is the author of upcoming book Blood Work. She blogs at Scientia Curiosa and tweets as @history_geek.

Tom Levenson is a Professor of science writing at MIT. His most recent book is Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World’s Greatest Scientist. He blogs at The Inverse Square Blog and tweets as @tomlevenson. I interviewed Tom back in 2008.

Joseph Kraus is the Science & Engineering Librarian at the University of Denver. He blogs at Nuthing But.Net and tweets as @jokrausdu.

Elizabeth Boyle is the Production Coordinator for the Delaware Sea Grant and she tweets as @eboylewrites.

Alok Jha is a Science correspondent at The Guardian and the Community Manager of the Guardian Science Blogs, He tweets as @alokjha.

Lisa Tossey is an Outreach Specialist at the University of Delaware. She is on Twitter as @tossey.

David Orr is a Graphic Designer with the love for dinosaurs, art and dinosaur art. He blogs at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs and tweets as @anatotitan.

Meredith Salisbury is the Editor in Chief of GenomeWeb.

Walter Jessen is the Founder, editor and senior writer at Highlight HEALTH. He blogs at Expressing Scientific Insight and tweets as @wjjessen.

Tyler Dukes is a Freelance Journalist in Raleigh NC. He writes for Science in the Triangle, blogs at Write -30- | Adventures at the End of Journalism. and tweets as @mtdukes.


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