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I will be offline tomorrow, in NYC Monday and Tuesday. If you promised me a #scio10 interview or #scienceblogging interview or a post for SciAm Guest Blog, I can process those tonight, tomorrow night, or early next week.

Here – more on arsenic bacteria, WikiLeaks, and more:

Arsenic bacteria – a post-mortem, a review, and some navel-gazing and Of Arsenic, Slime Molds, and Life on Other Worlds and On science blogs this week: Arsenic bugging and Science Weekly: The arsenic bacterium that could help find life in outer space and Aliens, arsenic and alternative peer-review: Has science publishing become too conservative? and Arsenic up for Review and Arsenate redux and No-one cuts deeper than a Science Blogger. and Your daily dose of arsenic: On the Madeleine Brand Show on KPCC

From Judith Miller to Julian Assange and This Week in Review: The WikiBacklash, information control and news, and a tightening paywall and Why WikiLeaks is good and After 12 days of WikiLeaks cables, the world looks on US with new eyes and Govt Response to Wikileaks Said to Cause More Damage and Hatfill and Wen Ho Lee and Plame and al-Awlaki and Assange and The media’s authoritarianism and WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer ‘used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout’ and WHO GETS TO KEEP SECRETS? and From Indymedia to Wikileaks: What a decade of hacking journalistic culture says about the future of news and Contrary to public statements, Obama admin fueled conflict in Yemen and Bill Keller, You’re Under Arrest

The Mysterious Decline Effect and The Truth Wears Off and The “decline effect”: can we demonstrate anything in science? and New Yorker: Are humans the problem with the scientific method? and Why Scientific Studies Are So Often Wrong: The Streetlight Effect

Musing on Science Blogging Networks and A new blog collective: Occam’s Typewriter and Occam’s Typewriter – a new science blogging network and Occam’s Typewriter.

Health reporters: between accuracy and deadlines

Science-Artists Feed grows to 100

CAPTCHA arbitrage

The Illusion of Truth


A brief history of anti-vaccination movements

Essential requirements to be alive

Escape of the parasitic worms

Blogging Government Scientists

Holiday Instability

Saturn’s rings get spontaneously shaken up

Longitude and Lunacy

Publication trends in model organism research

Darwin’s motivation

Dawn of the Wireless Phone (1901)

Welcome to the Boneyard 2.4!

Twitter, The Notificator, and Old Social Media News

Fatal Familial Insomnia and CJD – Dying to sleep

The Curse of the Nonexistent Dinosaurs

Building a ‘Green Star State’ and LBJ Students Pen Twin Blogs for ‘Scientific American’ on the Future of Sustainable Energy and Bio-Fuels

The Nazi threat and climate-change denial

Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School

No Evidence of Time before Big Bang

Clearing and Present Danger? Fog That Nourishes California Redwoods Is Declining

On what museums are doing wrong

Reflections on mourning science on December 6

Happy Squidmas With The Digital Cuttlefish Omnibus – Available Now!

Friday Weird Science: Stimulating the Brain…and the Rectum

The Cognitive Watershed and Nut-Cracking Monkey Pushback

No Substitute for IRL Relationships for Adolescents

Crunks 2010: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections


Antikythera mechanism: An eclipse-predicting machine made of Legos and The Antikythera Mechanism

Student advice to future students

Sedentary Physiology Part 5 – Future Directions

Using an eagle to catch and kill a wolf and A Review: Tetrapod Zoology: Book One

More polar bear news than you can shake a rapidly melting icicle at

Aspirin cuts risk of dying from several types of cancer

TEDWomen: First blog roundup and TEDWomen: innovators, idea-generators, architects of change

Could a new photoreceptor in fly larvae give us a glimpse at the evolutionary origins of vision?

Anthropology, Science, and the AAA Long-Range Plan: What Really Happened

The Real Law and Order

Scientific American Advances – app for iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad.

The Ambient Authorship and Subtle Potential of Sensor Publishing

Army Calls For Increased Body Armor For Troops In Syria

The Nature of Human Nature, by Carin Bondar

More Wasted Money

Pimp my ‘pod

George Stubbs picture fetches £10m at Sotheby’s auction

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY: Blog roundtable on the future of jobs in chemistry

Interview with Dr. Phoebe Cohen

Six ways the internet will save civilisation and Why The Net Matters: How the Internet Will Save Civilization

Blue Crabs vs. Green Lawns: We May Have to Decide

Shout outs from Science magazine and Good magazine

Curb those food cravings by imagining yourself eating lots of food

The Man Behind Tumblr

Microbes and Madness

Tea’d Off

Designing for Democracy

Why The New York Times eliminated its social media editor position

The Structure of the EU Mediasphere

Some quick observations on lectures and other aspects of college teaching.

Bat Research Inspires Disciplines Far Beyond Biology

Humans and Insects Decide in Similar Ways

Social Networks and Sustainability

8% of online Americans use Twitter

The neuroscientific study of hallucinogens

Open Access To Research Data vs. Open Access To Research Articles

Ways to make room for good writing on social networks


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