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Why am I suddenly so busy?

Oldest Homo sapiens fossil? Journalistic vaporware and A Fistful of Teeth – Do the Qesem Cave Fossils Really Change Our Understanding of Human Evolution? and Beware of British newspapers: fossils edition

Science Online 2011 app for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch and for Android.

Putting the Record Straight on the Lamo-Manning Chat Logs

The Arcata Wastewater Plant Process Overview

Talking Tech and Building an Empire From Podcasts – Leo Laporte Builds Empire With ‘This Week in Tech’

The end of Internet growth?

Why medicine hearts math

Are Booze-Drenched Societies More Likely To Be Monogamous?

A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning

A Plague of Pigs in Texas

Of home labs and fun of science

Old school’s no good for grades

Ode to a classic: The Nature of the Chemical Bond

The World’s Biggest, Iciest Particle Detector

It’s clever, but is it peer review?

“Capitalsaurus,” A D.C. Dinosaur

Recursions (pdf)

Question of the Year: What is Life, Anyway?

Author of the Day: Vanessa Woods

Habitable and not-so-habitable exoplanets: How the latter can tell us more about our origins than the former

Wi-Fi Overload at High-Tech Meetings

Ben-Gurion U researcher reveals newspapers’ historic resistance to granting reporters’ bylines

Stegosaur Wars: the SJG stegosaur special, part I

On Not Finishing Books, and a Blog Worth Following

Two Publishers — One Old, One New — Square Off Without Knowing It

NERS Review of the year Part 9 – Twists and lessons

UNC scientists pinpoint link between light signal and circadian rhythms

Science is self-correcting: Lessons from the arsenic controversy

DON’T PANIC: Sustainable seafood and the American outlaw

100 Trillion Connections: New Efforts Probe and Map the Brain’s Detailed Architecture

Why Chocolate Companies Are So Sweet on Social Media

Cities and Resilience: The Year Climate Started Hurting Politicians

Scientific Proof Of How To Beat Someone’s Ass At Monopoly

Q: What do Paul Offit and infant formula have in common? A: Jay Gordon’s Twitter feed

5 common mistakes bloggers make

Dr. Seuss does Star Wars

Lucy’s Flat Feet: The Relationship between the Ankle and Rearfoot Arching in Early Hominins

How Politics Body Slams Science

The Exam Effect

The Age of Innocence [Edith Wharton reference definitely intended!] and Jay Rosen On The Ideology of the American Press–good internals, but…

Paul Allen tries again with suit against Apple, Google, Facebook …

Warming and Winter Storming

NYT Story Reveals Challenges To Reporting In A Connected World

Geek chic embryo jewelry for dev bio lovers

Our Brain’s Atlas: Exploring Connections

Forensics: popular science?

Which Celebrities Are Science-Illiterate Whack Jobs? Find Out Here

Energy Scales

Can sport teach science about excellence?

Champagne for New Year’s eve (cartoon)

How fast is a Hex Bug?

Nature by Numbers

A physicist comments on science and morality

Touching Your Junk: An Ontological Complaint

Lies, Damned Lies – and Rank-ordered Lists

Phys Ed: If You Are Fit, You Can Take It Easy

Can GM Plants Combat Climate Change?

Paleobiology confessions: a matter of scale (part 1)

Reading about Readability

How a Drinking Glass May Enhance Climate Change Models

Artificial Human Ovary

Magic and the Human Mind

Is there a limit on the number of proteins a cell can use?

Best of 2010: The Observatory

Using Google to Tell Real Science from Fads

brainSCANr: First week recap

Call for “Collectors of Unusual Things” for “Oddities” Television Show

Mold Gets Jet Lag Too

Kindle Joins a Literary Ritual: Authors Can Autograph It and In the Age of E-books, How Should Publishers Handle Author Events? and Refocusing book signings in an e-reader world

No duh: The year in obvious scientific studies

Are Online Recommendations a Form of Digital Peer Pressure?

Real World Writing Camp Discourages Aspiring Writers

Perfecting Animation, via Science

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