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Happy New Year!!!!

And while you are recovering from the holidays, and before you have to go back to work, here are a few good reads:

Anton Zuiker: 2010 in review: something to jump for

A New Year’s Resolution for the Rich

The Efficiency Dilemma – “the rebound effect“.

Historians find Virginia textbooks about as accurate as Fox News

Superbug Wines

Ranting on scanty ants – comment to a Nature article – The spirits of meta-heuristics past, present and future.

I have found the cognitive surplus, and it hates pigs

Author of the Day: Scott Huler and Author of the Day: Sheril Kirshenbaum and Author of the Day: Alok Jha

Print Isn’t the Technology of Today . . . or Tomorrow

The Decline Effect Postulate Fails to Find Its Theory and Scientific Method in Decline?

So when does that journal’s embargo lift, anyway? A site that will tell you

They’re Young, and They’re Restless: Collegiate Inventors Face Off

These Lab Flask Mugs Put Your Dweeby Thermos To Shame

Another record year for manatee deaths

The Dangers of Emotional Pornography

Dear Mr. President

Arsenic, DNA and the search for life

Sound therapy helps quiet the din

How do airport scanners work?

Blog, podcast tell stories of animal diversity

Brain bloggers

The beauty of data visualisation

Why are the East of Cities usually Poorer?

Blog commenting, availability cascades, and the autism-vaccine debate and Dr. Jay: Still confusing the issue. Plus: Corrections via comments

Why you should abandon your New Year’s resolutions right now (and what to do instead)

65% of internet users have paid for online content

Is Harvard’s reputation borne on a cliche’s repetition – with NYTimes et al helping out?

Abandoned Uranium Mines: An ‘Overwhelming Problem’ in the Navajo Nation and An “Overwhelming Problem” in the Navajo Nation

The dangers of drunk biking

Worm me up

How to: Name a dinosaur

Body Under General Anesthesia Tracks Closer to Coma than Sleep

Teaching the Cutting Edge: Mariette DiChristina

Kodachrome Is Dead, Long Live Kodachrome (but ILFORD is doing just fine)

Did Early Humans Migrate Across a Watery, Green Sahara?

NERS Review of the Year Part 10 – The future is now and NERS Review of the year Part 11 – Silliness, hype, satire, journalism and YOUR Top Ten and Four million views, a personal look at the year, and many thanks

Anthropology and Publicity

New Year Woo From CNN

Flu: Still a problem, just not here

How Much Has TV Changed Since 1926? A LOT

World’s Oldest Optical Illusion Found?

Potential WiFi problem on campus?

Losers get punished for trying to lead

The Acupuncture and Fasciae Fallacy

In Praise of Nurses


How Can Winter Storm Forecasting Be Improved?

Is there any journal that permits to submit articles in HTML or other web-native formats?

Science behind your New Year’s Kiss

The Content Farm Bubble: Demand Media Isn’t Profitable Despite Its Dodgy Accounting

A Great Round Up at Neuroanthropology

Local T-shirt line promotes city pride – Want one CHHill/Carborro and one Manhattan!

An Exploration on Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Production by Insect Species Suitable for Animal or Human Consumption

The “Family” – Who Really Is Behind This Secret Organization?

On Warming, Antarctica, Clouds and Peer Review

Alpha-carotene from veggies linked to longer life

Freak weather could have been predicted

NPR Apologizes for WikiLeaks Mistake; Nina Totenberg and Teena Marie

Google’s Ngram Viewer and sCAMs


2011 Calendar Of Events For Internet-Lovin’ Scientists

The Top Dinosaur Discoveries of 2010

A Brief History of Time Balls

Readers Respond to “The End” and Other Articles

mom, this is how twitter works.

8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media

At the Prohibition Bar

Your 2010 Favorites

In defense of doom and gloom in an oil-price bet

Only 21 Percent Of U.S. Voters Support Net Neutrality

Largest Ever Nurses’ Strike Could Be Sign of Future Unrest

Top Retraction Watch posts of 2010, and a short wish list for 2011 and Top Embargo Watch posts of 2010, and a short wish list for 2011

Journalists are invited to apply for a new evolution fellowship program

Public Domain Day

Reflections on 2010: humans as biological machines and “love” (whatever!)

False incentives mean fewer AP interns

Who decides what’s an analog of a controlled substance?

Year In Review: Science Stories Of 2010

Human Remains Said to ‘Rewrite Evolution’ Spark Spat

Borders Suspends Payments to Some Publishers

Top Citizen Science Projects of 2010

Clay Shirky: Half-formed thought on Wikileaks & Global Action

New Year’s Eve in Space, Plus, can you have the first newborn of the year on purpose?

Your body is thwarting your weight-loss efforts

The Onion: Toaster-Instruction Booklet Author Enraged That Editor Betrayed His Vision

Science Poems for January 2011: 1

The Happy Marriage Is the ‘Me’ Marriage

Julian Assange Given Press Freedom Award “Hungarian media law allows for journalists to be taken to court and fined of up to $1 million (€760,000) for reports considered to be unbalanced.”

How snowflakes form: Happy Snowy New Year!

Foiling the bugs that spoil wine

Environmentalism a “False Religion?”

Pacifists or pugilists? “They’re very gentle.”

Even fungus can get jet lag

Event: REAL VIRTUALITY (Museum of the Moving Image – New York City, January 15 – June 14, 2011)

Earth Science Erratics: the kinder, gentler way to start geoblogging

Start 2011 off with some evolution, the Carnival of Evolution!

Thoughtomics: Along for the Ride

Zoologger: The 12 coolest animals of 2010


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