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Just a few more, if you already finished all the yesterday’s ones:

Predictions for 2012

The Pawn’s First Move

Are you Ready? This is Maca!

Mike Reedy’s lowbrow anatomy

Hope that the new year brings a new beginning

Why EL PAÍS chose to publish the leaks

Introducing…the Pestilence League of America

The Elusivity of Trust

Detroit in ruins

The knock-out punch: Zinc Finger Nucleases

The snowshoe hare-coyote-Dall’s sheep cycle?

Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect January 1

Science Poems for January 2011: 2

Softwares for drawing graphical abstracts

Utilities Seek Fresh Talent for Smart Grids

That’s How Science Works

With Clarity and Beauty, the Weight of Authority

If you don’t know how to use a graphic software package more complex than PowerPoint, make this the year to learn it.

770Ma Ediacara (?) Fossils from Kazakhstan (sadly no)

A Modest Proposal: Take “News” out of “Science News”

WikiLeaks, Open Information and Effective Use: Exploring the Limits of Open Government

The Case of the Mistaken Dinosaur

Q&A with Ed Yong

Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism

Author of the Day: Emily Willingham

Announcing ScienceLeaks


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  1. My predictions for 2012 has rapidly been retitled as “Predictions for 2011” after I saw the typo. Oops.

    Thanks for putting it at the top, though.