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A good crop today:

Clive Thompson on How Tweets and Texts Nurture In-Depth Analysis

The Library: Three Jeremiads

Science is not dead and Study vs. Study: The Decline Effect and Why Scientific ‘Truth’ So Often Turns Out Wrong and Why the “decline effect” shows the scientific method works and The Science Wars Redux and More Thoughts on the Decline Effect and What I Like About Science

Cheerleaders, Rock Stars and Science Music: The Many Faces of Science Communication

Author Identifier Overview

Wikileaks: This Is Just The Beginning

The Transparency Paradox

Alien: A Film Franchise Based Entirely on Rape

Kindle Price: $6,431.20 – great reviews!


Can WordPress do this?

Detroit Lives and Detroit’s Urban Farms Could Provide a Majority of Produce for Local Residents and Old Michigan Theater offers dramatic place for Lions tailgaters to party

iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0

A few wishes for 2011 (media edition)

A ‘GIANT’ Step Toward Explaining Differences in Height

Science, tech shone through

To Boldly Go…Alone

Amygdala Volume and Social Network Size in Humans

The Ink Post – Ink as a conspecific alarm cue in squid

A new way to assess chemicals

SWAGG(TM) Launches New Era of Gifting in Time for Holiday Season

The Toppling: How the media inflated a minor moment in a long war.

Science Poems for January 2011: 3

Denis Dutton and Arts and Letters Daily: the authority of the aggregator and the shift in power from information to meaning

Red wolf deaths alarm officials

Porn: A force of Mutual Benefits

Duke researcher says fat is your friend

The Invasive Species Diet

Author of the Day: Ryan Somma

NYC Sci Tweetup — January

Just How Irrational Can People Get?

The discovery of the ruins of ice: The birth of glacier research

Facebook, Wikileaks and The Decline Of Relativism

How long does it take for your brain to realize you have started to wear a hearing aid?

Blogging isn’t dead, influence contests should be, and hyperlinks rock.

Top 50 WordPress Plugins for 2011 to Zoom SEO, SMO & Audience Engagement

Why A.D. 2011 beats 100,000 B.C.: More choices, free will, freedom

The NEJM does it again. Sort of.

Opinion: 2011 — The Year of Commercial Space Travel

Did big babies help bring human ancestors down from the trees?

How many species of elephant? (with bonus rants) and More on species. Part 1.

Oprah smackdown: Will Jenny McCarthy’s vaccine nonsense top Suzanne Somers’s vagina injections?

Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel

The map that started it all

Forget butterflies – wasps and flies have hidden rainbows in their wings

Simosuchus and the trouble with “living fossils”.

The cognitive surplus hates pigs. Also, Snooki.

Post-Modernist Historiography


Engagement, Authority and Funding

Most Popular Explainers of 2010

‘Rev the Scientific Engine.’ Great. How?

Portraits of an Industry in Flux: Digital publishing and UX

A Good Summary of How That New Fangled Money Works (with Two Minor Disagreements)

A Weighty Change to the Periodic Table

Tracking the ‘Impulsivity Gene’

So… the Earth is 6,001 years old now?

So maybe reading *should* be harder

Big Joe predicts the top ten science stories of 2011 (Part 2)

Better extraterrestrial communication through chemistry: What do aliens want?

Why conserve deep-sea hydrothermal vents?

Deriving “ought from is” scientifically?

‘intelligent design is not creationism in any shape or form’ – yeah, right!

How to hear above the cocktail party din

On Tame Sows and Wild Boars

Ancient Greek Symposium Featured Drinking Rules

Hungarian newspapers protest “end of press freedom”

AT&T Pretty Much Predicted 2011 in 1993

Forecast for New York City computing: cloudy – Adoption of cloud computing could have unforeseen consequences

Do specific dietary constituents and supplements affect mental energy? Review of the evidence

The FCC’s weak new “open Internet” rules

Facebook’s $50B valuation put in perspective [infographic]

The Squid with a “Klingon Cloaking Device”


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