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This is, to put it mildly, a hectic time. Today I need to make final changes – before it is sent to the printers – to the Program for ScienceOnline2011 (which is going to be awesome). We are finally finalizing the final finalists for the Open Laboratory (which is going to be awesome). We are getting close to the Scienceblogging.org release of Version 2.0 (which is going to be awesome). And there is a lot of movement at work, building a new network (which is going to be awesome). Oh, and I think we’ll be moving to a new apartment over the next couple of weeks as well. So, stressful time, but also all awesome. And most of it is occurring behind the scenes, so you cannot see, so you’ll have to just wait and, in the meantime, read these great articles:

If You Didn’t Blog It, It Didn’t Happen

Real, Live Practice Babies

When adaptation doesn’t happen

The new phrenology

What does a positive-incentive carnivore compensation program look like?

2010, the year of the science blog

Why was that paper retracted? Editor to Retraction Watch: “It’s none of your damn business”

Upcoming: The minimal blogging tool

Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes?

The Importance of Vacation

Religion causes wealth inequalities

The future of fashion

Flying Machines, Amazing at Any Angle

A square yard of idea

Googling the lexicon – some interesting nGrams!

Science Poems for January 2011: 4 and Science Poems for January 2011: 5

Prediction for 2011 — The Individual Rules!

Festival of the Trees 55 – 2011 UN International Year of Forests

In London, A Case Study In Opinionated Press and American Media’s True Ideology? Avoiding One

Author of the Day: Scott Rosenberg and http://scienceonline2011.com/2011/01/author-of-the-day-brian-switek/

A Clear Danger to Free Speech

WikiLeaks releases documents about anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd

Money for Science: U.S. Funding over the Years

2011: The Year of the Personal Robot?

Predicting the Climate-Changed City of the Future


Why Smear Campaigns Work

The top 10 life-forms living on Lady Gaga (and you)

Pump Up the Volume. Some Birds Don’t Care

Early detection could prevent diabetes

The beautification of wikiriver.org

Science student role: Evidence of social structural norms specific to school science

A Giant From New Mexico: Titanoceratops

Multimedia must-see: Climate Wisconsin

Practical Computing for Biologists

Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google

Does my sidebar look big in this?

How to make a digital preservationist cry

That’s not an answer and Is the “decline effect” really so mysterious? (revisited)

Mutualist matchmaking made simple

A psychological problem with snacking in front of the telly

Finding the Fingerprints of Climate Change in Storm Damage

Mining Bacterial Small Molecules

The Coming Health Crisis

The Profits of Nonprofit: The surprising results when drug development and altruism collide

Garage Innovation: The potential costs of regulating synthetic biology must be counted against putative benefits

Synthetic Spirits – Can we use science to reduce the harms of alcohol?

Brave New Drugs

From Simple To Complex: The switch from single-celled organisms to ones made up of many cells has evolved independently more than two dozen times. What can this transition teach us about the origin of complex organisms such as animals and plants?

The Kiss

Evaluation of Different Projectiles in Matched Experimental Eye Impact Simulations

SciAm Starts 2011 with ‘Origins and Endings’ iPad Issue

Evidence of Mammals and Legumes, 22 Million Years Old

Giant map of North American English dialects

How You Can Become More Powerful by Literally Standing Tall

Carrboro named Best Place You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of

A Strong Crop of Documentaries, but Barely Seen

Judith Miller responds to criticism over Assange slight

Legend of the Killer Storks

Health Care Suits: Separating Law From Spin

Thoughts on the shark attacks in Egypt

Get a kiss, win a book

Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy of Older Adults and Why New Yorkers Last Longer

Ancient Greek Symposium Featured Drinking Rules

“Science Sense” List Trashes Celebrity Health Tips

High-tech national project set to trace brain’s connections

Lack of food drives human-grizzly conflicts—and human-grizzly fatalities

Why dire climate warnings boost skepticism

Model: Network’s Tiny Tendencies Lead to War or Peace

Sheril Kirshenbaum: The Science of Kissing: A science writer pens a telling book about kissing

Xenicibis, the extinct ibis that swung its wings like clubs and Boxing birds might have had a mean swing with their clublike wings

Why did the NYTimes get all warm and fuzzy in 1997?

Passive Houses

Diverging Content Preferences: Is Baby Bear’s Disappearance Cause for Worry? – short and long-form thrive, middle suffers.

The Ferret Hunters

Kissing & the science of humanity

Welcome to Social Disruption

The Transition – creating a new copy editor from the ashes of the old production desk.

Engineering for Better Wastewater Treatment Results


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