Lots of new stuff on the Scientific American blogs…

As you probably noticed, there was a flurry of activity on SciAm blogs these past few days, mostly covering the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and the related topic of nuclear power. For example, you could read, on Observations blog,
The spread of the tsunami from Japan across the Pacific by Phil Yam,
A “sixth sense” for earthquake prediction? Give me a break! by me, and Japan’s nuclear crisis and tsunami recovery via Twitter and other Web resources by Phil Yam. David Horgan on the Cross-Check blog had two posts – Japan earthquake demonstrates the limits—and power—of science and Averting a “Japan syndrome”: Reactor expert says Japan’s woes shouldn’t stop a nuclear renaissance. Jesse Bering looks at that from another angle: Signs, signs, everywhere signs: Seeing God in tsunamis and everyday events. And the Guest Blog covered several different angles: Nature: Earthquake dispatches from the correspondent in Japan [Updated] uploaded by me, The essential lesson from the Japan earthquake for the U.S. by Richard Allen, Beware the fear of nuclear….FEAR! by David Ropeik, Failure of imagination can be deadly: Fukushima is a warning by Rita J. King, Japan earthquake: The explainer by Chris Rowan, and The worst nuclear plant accident in history: Live from Chernobyl by Charles Choi.

There will be more on this topic later, but we are also going back to our ‘regular coverage’. Mary Karmelek on the ‘Anecdotes from the Archive’ blog has two new posts, Let the sun shine in…all day long and Frog briefly gets a leg up on entertainment industry.

And on the Guest Blog, David Manly offers Mirror Images: Twins and identity.

More to come soon on the Guest Blog, as well as a new expedition reporting from the field to out Explorations blog. Stay tuned…

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