#NYCScitweetup – meet us in New York City

We’ll be in NYC again all next week. The whole family is going so I will split my attention between work and fun, while the rest of the family will have all fun all the time.

We’ll also meet everyone who can come to #NYCScitweetup – you don’t need to be on Twitter despite the misleading name of the event – if you have an interest in science, science communication, science writing, science journalism, or you are just a fan, come by at 7pm at Ninth Ward.

More details (and you can add yourself as “Attending”) on the Facebook event page.

The exact day is not completely determined yet. If you think you can show up, put your name and all the free nights you have on this little form. The date that has most checks wins. So far, Wednesday is in the lead, but that can change….

I hope to see you there…

Update: poll is now closed – the meetup will be on Wednesday.


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