New posts on @SciAm blogs

Plenty of interesting stuff on SciAm blogs today, something for everyone:

On the Guest Blog:

Too Hard for Science? Neutrinos from the Big Bang by Charles Q. Choi

On the Expeditions blog:

MSU China Paleontology Expedition–New season starts with division of egg duties, petrified trees, soybean Popsicles by Betsy Kruk

Squid Studies: Back to the Sea of Cortez by William Gilly

On Observations blog:

Leap Seconds May Hit a Speed Bump by Sophie Bushwick

On Extinction Countdown blog:

Arabian Oryx Makes History as First Species to Be Upgraded from “Extinct in the Wild” to “Vulnerable” by John Platt

On Bering in Mind blog:

Female Ejaculation: The Long Road To Non-Discovery by Jesse Bering

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