Update: NYC and The Story Collider and #NYCSciTweetUp

I’ll be in New York City most of the next week, going to the office to do some work and attend meetings, going to NYU to participate in some classes in j-school (now that I am Visiting Faculty there) and to tell a story…in public! This is much different from giving a lecture or being on a panel. This takes some preparation and is really nerve-wrecking!

Next week’s The Story Collider (see: What is: The Story Collider) will have an interesting topic: “The Science of Writing”. The storytellers will be Carl Zimmer, Anna North, Amanda Marcotte, Mark Katz, Tricia Rose Burt and myself.

Check out the Facebook event page and buy tickets to attend if you will be in New York City on Tuesday night.

The event is organized so it happens at the same place and the same time as the #NYCSciTweetUp so people can come to both, or either one of them, and have fun.

If you want to be in the loop and know when each #NYCSciTweetUp happens, “Like” the Facebook page. For this week’s event, to help us estimate the size of the crowd, check “Attending” at the Facebook event page. And once there, do not be shy – approach me and say Hello.


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