Berry Go Round – send in your posts for the next botanical blog carnival

Berry Go Round is a blog carnival devoted to highlighting recent blog posts about any aspect of plant life.

If you have published a blog post about plants since the last issue on January 30th, send me the link by using this submission form.

Officially, the deadline for submissions is February 25th, but I am lenient – even if you send it as late as 28th at noon, I will still likely include it, and will post the carnival on the morning of the 29th of February. But sending early is appreciated. If you see a post by someone else that you think fits the concept, send it in (but insert a note to me that it is not your own post).

What counts? The official ‘rules’ state:

Berry Go Round covers all thing botanical. That is, featured articles should just be about plants, from cells & chemistry to plant ecology and communities. Pictures can also be submitted whenever a minimum amount of information is given (such as scientific name, family and the like), and recipes may also be featured if the main ingredient is a plant and provided a decent botanical account follows.

So yes – small plants, big plants, common plants, rare plants, extinct or extant, mosses, liverworts, horsetails, ferns, with or without flowers, microscopic or giant trees – all of them are eligible. Biochemistry, molecular, cellular and developmental biology, physiology, behavior (yup, plants behave), evolution, genetics, paleontology, biogeography, taxonomy/systematics, ecology, conservation – anything goes. It can focus on a recent finding, or a historical account, it can explain the basics, or it can be a timeless truth, it can be basic or applied, or you can write a personal account of awe in encountering a baobab for the first time in your life.

Apart from text, we welcome original art, illustration, photography, cartoons, podcasts, videos, animations, infographics or any other forms of multimedia (especially if all mixed into a single post). If you are using someone else’s art, please properly credit and link to the original artist in your posts.


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