Friday Weird Sex Blogging

There is a tradition in the blogosphere of posting something light on Fridays.
Some people do the Friday Random Ten, but I do not have an iPod, and keep my computer on Mute, so I do not listen to music or can generated a random ten.
Most people post pictures of variousanimals, mostly cats, but I do not like doing what everyone else is doing. And once I’ve posted pictures of my cats (and I did, a couple of times, though never on a Friday), what’s the point of doing it again?
Some people got away from cats and pets and post pictures of cooler animals, like ants, or, well, ants. birds. Or birs on Monday. Or nudibranchs. Or cephalopods. Or plants. Or invasive species.
Some are moving away from living stuff altogether, with Friday Fractals or Organic People Chemistry or Sunday mineral blogging.
Update: Arrrrgh! How could I have forgotten
Friday Sprog Blogging and Map The Campus!
What can I do? How about something that is sure to bring in Google searchers?
That’s it. Every Friday, I’ll try to find an example of some cool organism involved in a strange reproductive practice. Today is the first such Friday. Enjoy….

This gives a new meaning to the idea of “self-love”:

“….the anther uncovers itself and rotates into a suitable position to insert into the stigma cavity, where fertilization takes place, they reported. Such is the exclusivity of the sexual relationship, they added, that flowers do not even transfer pollen to other flowers on the same plant.”

An orchid, of course. Who else would evolve such bizzare sexual practices…

6 responses to “Friday Weird Sex Blogging

  1. I thought about it when I was doing this late last night, then I forgto to include it in the end when I was was looking for links! Sorry!

  2. There is nothing better than orchid-wasp sex. Nothing.

  3. I know – I show my students a movie with nothing but wasp-orchid sex. Amazing stuff!

  4. That’s a good idea. Nothing bring in the google searchers like sex, considering some of the searches I’ve gotten in the past.