Obligatory Reading of the Day – Femiphobia

NOTE: Bumped to top to draw attention to added links:

Provocative and excellent post by Sara Robinson: There’s Something About The Men. Most definitely read the comments as well. Then come back here in half an hour and read an old post of mine that I have scheduled for republishing at 11am.
I know Sara likes Steven Ducat, so she may agree with my position, or perhaps not.
I am expecting responses by Amanda, Melissa, Lindsay, Jill and Echidne among others. This may become an interesting discussion over the next couple of days on feminist blogs and beyond.
Update: Shakespeare’s Sister responds. Many comments.
Update 2: Amanda Marcotte bit the bait and penned a good one (and a very thought-provoking one)!
Tigtag on Larvatus Prodeo has an interestingly dense commenter on this topic.
Yes, yes, we are going to have a fight! A blog war! I can just smell it in the air! Read Echidne for a very different take.
Another update: Melissa, JackGoff and Michael Bains have more.
Yet another update: More from Hugo Schwyzer and a comment thread on Metafilter.
Dave Neiwert provides some chilling scholarly historical background….
…to which Echidne, Amanda and Flea respond, all three absolutely brilliantly.

10 responses to “Obligatory Reading of the Day – Femiphobia

  1. I will write about this on Monday when I get my blogkeys back. Just kidding, but I’m off today. I will have some interesting things to say, I suspect. 🙂

  2. Great – I am looking forward to it. Also, spread the word to others (Hugo Schwyzer’s and Chris Clarke’s angle will be interesting) and I’ll collect all the links here.

  3. Hi, coturnix! Thanks for the linking, but I think you bollixed the URL.

  4. Oooops! Sorry. Fixed now.

  5. I’ve done mine. It turned out quite ugly. Here it is.

  6. Yes, yes, we are going to have a fight! A blog war! I can just smell it in the air! Read Echidne for a very different take.
    Mean coturnix. You are eating popcorn, aren’t you?

  7. It’s not really an excellent post, unless “excellent” is a euphemism for “disingenuous and inflammatory”. The rash of mothers killing their children isn’t left over problem we need to address. The return of younger women to a culture of sexual objectivity isn’t left over.
    People have trouble living in societies. They have trouble curbing natural impulses. The changing face of feminism has been slow to give approval to tiny tee’s and violent video games, which is a mistake.
    The Feminist political agenda should be about economic and legal equality, education, and the acceptance of gender roles- whatever one you want, however you want to play it.
    Feminism has been hijacked by everyone with an ultra-minority agenda. Men aren’t any angrier or destructive than they’ve ever been. Women haven’t changed much since the Oresteian trilogy. What Feminism should be about is the struggle to have economic and legal tolerance for our differences… not trying to change people, men or women.

  8. I’m writing a post that begins at the same place as these other posts, but I’m not writing about feminism. I’m writing from the other end of the spectrum “Masculinity – What’s Wrong With Our Boys?”
    I took the liberty of linking to your post too.