Running out of ideas for a post for the next Skeptic’s Circle?

Or the Carnival of the Godless? You can mine this site for ideas. Ooooh, scientific materialism! Scary! Papa Jeebus, protect me, please, because I am a coward!

7 responses to “Running out of ideas for a post for the next Skeptic’s Circle?

  1. Bora,
    You know, slow, controlled exposure to the things that scare you can over come your fears. No need to call yourself a coward – many people are afraid of that which they don’t know. With a little effort, you might find that the things that terrify you aren’t so bad!

  2. Slow, controlled exposure to sarcasm and mocking can overcome one’s disability for recognizing sarcasm and mocking that are obvious to others.

  3. Egads! That could provide material for multiple installments of Your Friday Dose of Woo.

  4. Go for it. I have no interest in going back there myself.

  5. Bora,
    First – if you thought that your crude japes were subtle in the least, I am stunned. Bluntly, I was mocking you for your crudity and boorishness.
    Second – I am a bit surprised at your choice of links. After all, the Adidam folks that post that site are, in fact, rather *critical* of scientific materialism and promotes a spiritualism solution to life’s mysteries. Didn’t you realize that the link is to a site that purports to DEBUNK scientific materialism?

  6. You just proved my point – you did not recognize the sarcasm. I was mocking THEM and their cowardly retreat into so-called “spirituality” and using hoaxes to protect their silly beliefs!

  7. WEll, the “jeebus” bit is rather confusing, since they are far from Christian.