Preaching to the choir

I got this video from Orac’s blog where an interesting comment thread is developing. This also goes against those who lament the “echo chambers” but those tend to be the same people who write HeSaidSheSaid articles every day – they live in a binary world where only “who wins the two-horse horserace” matters and anything more sophisticated than that is ‘elitist’ and to be ignored as ‘outside of mainstream’ which – the mainstream – they, the savvy Villagers with nice hairdos on TV, get to define.


3 responses to “Preaching to the choir

  1. Yes, I first saw this at Orac’s place. What I like about the video is it neatly shows “preaching to the converted” assumes a form of the false dichotomy: You either agree or you don’t. Which, as the video points out, ignores the Undecideds, Unawares, and Unconvinceds (regardless of how they are leaning). And, I would add, the Uninteresteds and Unconcerneds.

  2. antipodean

    Those are not nice hairdos on TV. They are hairhelmets, just like legomen wear.

  3. LOL. Even that one little thing I wanted to say nice about them is actually wrong, I see 😉