Dont’ forget tonight!

I’ll have to find my remote control and remember how to use it, because the 08 campaign season is officially starting tonight with the first Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, at 7pm ET on MSNBC. You all know who I am rooting for.

One response to “Dont’ forget tonight!

  1. Gravel shiftes the Overton Window: Kucinich appears sane in comparison.
    Gravel tells the naked truth: the others say the same thing in a more “presidential” style and thus what they say is not deemed radical any more – it was just 2 years ago when it would have been tagged as “socialist”. Now it is middle-of-the-road.
    Great overall. They all did well (although Obama’s inability to say anything concrete about anything drives me nuts), except I cannot stomach Biden – he is deeply wrong about everything he ever said about foreign policy and the world, yet he is somehow regarded as an expert in exactly that area! Duh! Growl!