Parts, Wholes, and Context in Reading – add your thoughts!

As last week’s Journal Club on PLoS ONE has been a success (and no, that does not mean it’s over – feel free to add your commentary there), we are introducing a new one this week!
Members of the Potsdam Eye-Movement Group have now posted their comments and annotations on the article Parts, Wholes, and Context in Reading: A Triple Dissociation.
You know your duty: go there, read the paper, read what the group has already posted in their commentary, register, and add your own comments and questions. Rate the article. If you blog about it, send your readers to do the same. If your blogging platform allows it, send trackbacks.
The Postdam group has already done one Journal Club earlier – feel free to add more commentary on their first one as well.
If you are a member of a research group, or a graduate seminar, or an honors section of a college class, or you teach an AP Biology high-school class, and would like to do a Journal Club on one of the PLoS ONE papers, please sign up.
And if you want to know why you should do it, read this first.

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